The World’s Best Wand Massager Just Got Better

The O-Wand Attachments – Review

Just when I thought The O Wand couldn’t get any better, it did.

I received The O Wand at the end of December last year. Ever since then, I have not stopped using it. In fact, I keep it under my pillow and I start most days with an O Wand wake-up session. It is the world’s most powerful rechargeable wand massager. It’s stylish loop handle makes it more ergonomic to use than most wand massagers.The O Wand is incredibly powerful and the weight of the toy is very pleasant. You can also use it with a partner to massage other parts of your bodies. It has a variety of settings and comes complete with international mains adaptors so that you can charge The O Wand wherever you are in the world.

Even though I have lots of sex toys to choose from, I am still not becoming bored with The O Wand. Now that I have received 3 new head attachments, however, it seems as if I have three new versions of this already amazing toy to choose from. They would still have all the advantages of the toy I was so familiar with but now I could choose between differently focused sense pleasures. I could rely upon the strength of The O Wand’s vibrations and the pleasing weight of the toy when I steer it with the loop handle but the new attachments present even more exciting possibilities when it comes to pinpoint pleasuring. I simply could not wait to try them out.

The O Wand’s loop handle makes the experience of using it utterly unlike that of most wand massagers. I could never have imagined having a wand massager as my most frequently used toy because they tend to be a little intense in their effect. But, I must admit, that I just can not seem to get enough of The O Wand.

Material:  Platinum grade silicone.  Extra soft texture. Compatible with water-based lubricant.


This was the first new attachment that I tried. It is ideal for stimulating the G spot and has a raised, textured part that stimulates the clitoris. It is extremely easy to insert. Although it is small, I felt everything when it was inside. I loved being able to stimulate my clitoris at the same time as having both my hands on the loop handle at the level of my chest. It was very comfortable and is also ideal for a man’s P spot satisfaction.


O-La La has 3 exquisite features.The outer cup shape surrounds your clitoral area and the interior bump provides direct clitoral stimulation. It is also perfect for teasing your nipples during foreplay. The bobbled and rippled areas allow for more indirect clitoral stimulation and can be enjoyed on other parts of the body.


“Rise to every occasion”

This attachment is designed to stimulate a man’s penis. It has a moulded, semicircular, appearance, with a ribbed texture inside and it has one size that fits all. It is ideal for stimulating even a flaccid penis, so it is perfectly suited to getting him going.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Amazing! I had astonishing orgasms with the O-spot and O-la-la. The O-Wand never fails to satisfy me but, at the same time, I still crave more and more. I fear that The O Wand might be ruining me for other sex toys.

PROS: The lowest setting, with all attachments, felt very strong and that is just how I like it. The amazingly soft texture always spoils me and the wonderful loop handle is very ergonomic to hold, as always.

CONS: What cons? Just when I thought it could not get any better, it did. 


There is an attachment for everyone and for every occasion!

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