Womanizer Pro W500 Sex Toy Review

The Womanizer Pro W500 is here! Now more powerful and discreet than ever!

The first Womanizer 100 has been very successful internationally. According to numerous reports, women around the world have experienced the same rapid, incredibly intense, orgasms thanks to this highly original sex toy. Womanizer Pro W500 is a clitoral stimulator that looks like an ear thermometer but in fact, it’s a highly effective suction device for the clitoris. Now, with a new shape and even more suction power than its predecessor.

I had fantastic orgasms with the original Womanizer, but they were not as immediate as those I had read about in other reviews. But then again, I prefer not to climax too quickly. Instead, I enjoy imagining myself as an unhurried participant in an evolving fantasy scenario.The process of stimulating myself with a sex toy, combined with my unhurried fantasising, continues gradually until I explode.

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Despite this, I wonder if it took me longer with Womanizer because of my clitoris…. Let me explain.

My beloved clitoris doesn’t look like the ones you might find in anatomy text books. Even when I open my legs, my labia minora aren’t visible. To reveal them fully, I have to open the labia majora manually. Even then my clitoris is hidden away. I suppose it’s shy, because it prefers to stay in its hood and not come out. At least, that’s the case whenever I’ve tried to find it. Although we’ve never actually met face to face, I know exactly where it must be. It makes no secret of its happiness when I feel a throb between my thighs and I know it’s ecstatic when I come.

Some women, on the other hand, have a much more extroverted clitoris which comes out to say ‘hello’ without the necessity of opening their legs at all.

Personally speaking, the manual process of opening my labia to isolate my clitoris is one that makes me a little uncomfortable. This procedure is essential if The Womanizer is to be used correctly, however.

womanizer pro 500 packaging

The Womanizer Pro W500 comes complete with a charger, a carrying case and a spare wider silicone head.

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MATERIAL: Silcone with a Swarovski crystal button. Compatible with water-based lubricants.

USABILITY: The toy is very easy to operate. The most difficult part is to place the fitted head precisely on the optimal area. This is true for me,at least, because of my timid clitoris. A hand-mirror helped to facilitate the process. I used the widest head-attachment available because I found it to be more comfortable and enjoyable. Once I’d placed the toy in position, I switched it on. The suction effect could be felt immediately. It’s important not to move the toy at all during stimulation. To wash it, simply remove the head-attachment and wash it with warm water and soap. Dry well before replacing it.

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POWER: Very powerful.

NOISINESS: Quite noisy. It could be a bit distracting if you use it with a partner. Once it’s in place, however, you can hardly hear it.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Unique! Immediately after switching the toy on, my legs began to tremble. I got the impression that the Womanizer W500 was mugging me for an orgasm. I didn’t even get an opportunity to fantasise. My sudden orgasm was a purely physiological reaction to the stimulus supplied by the toy. It had nothing to do with my imaginative or emotional investment in the process. Throughout my career as a sex you tester, I’ve never once climaxed like this, not even with the original Womanizer itself. I feel that I’ve learned something entirely new about my own sexual responses through using it. The strange thing is that it wasn’t even necessary to increase the intensity of the suction. I came by using one of the lowest settings.

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PROS: More ergonomic and more powerful than the first Womanizer. Rechargeable. Very intense and unique orgasms. Highly original design.

CONS: It’s not cheap.


  • Women who know their body very well and who’re willing to surprise themselves with something new.
  • Using with a partner as part of a medical role play scenario.
  • A special treat.
  • Women who are already experienced with sex toys.

Get your very own Womanizer PRO W500 here.

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