What Will The Sex Toys of the Future Be Like?

Much has changed in the world of sex toys since I had my first rabbit vibrator ten years ago. Although it impressed me at the time, it now looks very dated. It was battery operated and was made of jelly. That is now considered a hazardous material. Now, the vast majority of my current sex toys are made from biocompatible silicone and are rechargeable via USB. As for the future, I’ve often wondered what the objects, that will provide me with my orgasms, will look like. To find out, I consulted my crystal ball and this is what I saw:

I’m not sure what year it is, but I see that I have a few grey hairs and wrinkles. It’s a sunny morning and I wake up in my future house in the country. After a shower and breakfast, I go to the window and open it. I wait there as I sip my organic green juice. Moments later, a drone descends from the sky, just at the time scheduled. It has come to bring me a box of new sex toys that I’m dying to try.

First, there is the Octo-Ring, which is considered the best sex toy for couples. It is a cock ring that has eight additional attachments that look like tentacles. They are designed to stimulate the the erogenous of both partners during penetration. The Octo-Ring offers a complete stimulation experience and is ideal for the most demanding couples. Currently, the Deca-Ring is in development. It will have ten tentacles, with upgraded attachments, to service threesomes as well as couples.
ecogasm venus o'hara
Ecogasm is an ecological sex toy. It looks like a large leaf and is rechargeable by solar energy. The material is flexible, like a real leaf. This means that it can adapt to your body and it can be wrapped around a penis. When the leaf loses its colour, you know that it’s time to recharge it like a solar panel. It is 100 percent bio-degradable. Ecogasm is very successful in the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean countries.
 klitorius maximus
Klitorius Maximus is a superior quality clitoral stimulator made from a revolutionary material. It looks very much like  plasticine but it can not be broken apart. Every woman can mold and adapt it to her preference. It is very soft and completely hypoallergenic. It has 10 standard vibration settings and the possibility to program up to ten more.
2Gether is a sex toy for couples. It is two toys connected by a cable. It has several attachments to stimulate different parts of the body. It has two independent motors, each voice-activated. To program it, choose your end and speak clearly so that it recognises your voice. Your partner can do the same with the other one. During a session, you can both instruct your respective ends to increase, or reduce, the intensity according to your whims.
 orgasmatar venus o'hara
OrgAsmatar is the toy for single geeks. It is designed for those who want to play with a partner but who have no one who fits that description. It’s a kind of vibrator with different heads. It works with an app that has an avatar which controls the toy. Not only that, but it also speaks to you as the toy stimulates you. You can choose the appearance, gender, voice, clothing and personality of your avatar. Currently, avatars only speak English, Japanese and Esperanto.
I decide that I don’t want to see any more, so I put the crystal ball away. I’m feeling very optimistic for what awaits me. Although my predictions might be hard to believe today, only time will tell if any of them will come true.
Translation of ‘¿Cómo serán los juguetes eróticos del futuro? published in El Pais.

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