Do you know who are you sleeping with?

Have you ever wondered who you’re really sleeping with?

In any modern relationship, secrets are inevitable. However, sometimes they grow so uncontrollably that they become a double life. It isn’t only Hollywood celebrities who lead double lives. Many ordinary people hide their own double lives every day – often people that you would never suspect.

Thanks to the internet, and now mobile apps, leading and concealing a double life has never been easier. When you’re online you can forget everything and be whoever you want to be.

I’ve always been fascinated by double lives. For years I’ve enjoyed being an agony aunt for friends and acquaintances who lead them. They’ve confided in me about those other lives often. I now believe that living out your fantasies doesn’t make you a bad person per se but it depends on just what that double life is.

There are double-lifers who have no one to confide in and that concerns me. For this reason, I created a website where people can post their confessions and share their experiences online but anonymously.

I’ve also created a TV format called “Who Are You Sleeping With?” with Ohm TV which will be presented in Cannes this month. It features fascinating and moving admissions from real people who lead double lives. I hope it will get everyone talking and thinking about why they do it and whether it’s really worth the risk if they are ever discovered.

So, do you know who you’re really sleeping with?

Watch the trailer:

If you speak Spanish and you’re enjoying a double life, I’d love to hear
from you so you can tell me about it.

Photo by Guy Moberly

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