I have such fond memories of Valentine’s Day as a singleton growing up in the UK. I used to love sending and receiving anonymous cards to my love interests at the time. Some were genuine and others were a complete joke. I loved the fact that Valentine’s Day wasn’t just reserved for couples. It was also about anonymously declaring your undying love for someone via snail mail. Oftentimes, the sender’s identity remained a mystery. But, what I liked the most was the fact that there could be multiple declarations of love (or desire).

At University, there was a big temporary post box in the Student Union to encourage the development of our romantic sides as well as our academic ones. Now that I’ve been in Spain for so many years, I no longer send anonymous Valentine’s cards. Here, it is a celebration for couples only. These days, whenever I like someone, I tend to enjoy an orgasm (or several) in their honour before I make any official declarations of desire.

The We-Vibe Anniversary Kit is ideal for an Valentine’s Day gift – whether you are in a relationship or not. It contains two of the most popular We-vibe toys to celebrate their ten years in the pleasure industry. Now that’s a lot of orgasms!  

Sync:  Sync is the improved version of the we-vibe couple’s toy that made them a global brand.  The concept has been imitated by many other brands, but this is probably the most sophisticated one out there. Sync is worn during penetrative sex and it can adjust to suit your anatomy. It provides simulataneous G spot and clitoral stimulation. It comes with a remote control, so you don’t have to reach down to change the settings while you’re enjoying a lovemaking session.

There is also an We-vibe app (we-connect) which enables you to control Sync via your smartphone. You can get your partner to download the app and get them to control your toy from any part of the world. This is an incredibly orgasmic possiblility for long distance relationships.

Tango: Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take two to tango, but if you wish to share the experience, then it can be even more orgasmic. Tango is a powerful clitoral stimulator. It is shaped like a lipstick and you can use the tapered tip for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. Or you can use it on its side for more indirect stimulation. Despite its small size, it is extra powerful and it feels as though it’s about to take off when I hold it in my hand.

PACKAGING: Both toys are presented a box that is ideal for a gift. They are stored in a plastic case that resembles a glasses case. It also serves as a charging dock for both toys. Therefore there is only one cable included. It also contains a sachet of we-vibe water-based lubricant by Pjur, an instructions leaflet and a ‘thank you’ card from the founders of We-vibe.

MATERIAL: Bodysafe silicone and ABS plastic. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can enjoy them in the bath or the shower, with or without a partner.


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: Amazingly strong. This is something that We-Vibe do so well: strong, deep, rumbly motors that won’t disturb your neighbours or flatmates .


Both toys are very intuitive to control.

Sync can be controlled manually, with a remote control or with the app. I have tried lots of app-controlled sex toys, and I have to say that the we-vibe app is one of my favourites. It’s incredibly easy to use. In addition, according to my partners – who are not sex toy savvy, the we-vibe app has always proven to be highly intuitive and fun at the same time.

Sync can be used in many ways. As a clitoral a g-spot stimulator for solo use, it is ideal for women who enjoy internal stimulation but don’t want a big phallus inside. It’s easy to insert and to control.

If you wish to use it during penetration, I have always found that it is more comfortable if the male partner grinds as opposed to thrusts because if not, it can often be a bit too intense for my ladyparts.

As a long distance toy, it is so much fun to use. who says you have to be in the same room in order to keep the spark alive?

Tango: is controlled manually only. It is also very intuitive. Simply press the base to enjoy all the settings. It is strong, rumbly and silent and always does the biz. I’m not surprised that it has become an industrusry favourite.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Both toys deliver top quality orgasms!

PROS: Two of the best toys in the industry. Powerul yet silent. Intense orgasms. Elegant packaging. Excellent value for money.

CONS: I cant think of any…


  • A gift for her
  • Couples for Valentine’s Day
  • Long distance relationships
  • Using during penetration or foreplay.
  • Anyone looking for some pleasure sector favourites at a very special price.

For more information about the We-Vibe Anniversary Kit, visit https://www.perfect-bliss.co.uk/sex-toys/Sex-Toys-For-Couples

where it is on offer at a very special price.

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