Venus by Zemalia – Dual Stimulation for your Inner & Outer Goddess

When Zemalia invited me to choose a product of theirs to test, there really was no doubt. As soon as I saw the Venus vibrator, I knew that it had to be mine. Besides, Zemalia obviously had good taste; giving something a good name must mean that it’s a good product.

I chose the name Venus for myself for several reasons. At first, it was because I always felt like a Venus. I studied fine art as a teenager and when I discovered the image of the pale-skinned, redheaded, Renaissance Venus, it made me wonder if I’d been born a few centuries too late. The generic, plastic, porn-look was beginning to gain popularity at the same time and that was something that I’ve never wanted to emulate. I’ve always been a fan and a proponent of natural beauty.                                                                      

Then, I discovered the book Venus in Furs, by Leopold Von Sacher Masoch. It quickly became my bible. I still feel a special frisson when I remember the story, that of Severin, a submissive man adoring, and being in thrall to his personal goddess. She was also called Venus. It wasn’t just the description of her physical beauty, that impressed me about her; it was the extent and intelligence of her psychological domination of Severin that really turned me on. The demonstration of her slave’s acutely observant mind, his attention to the tiniest details of her, also had a part to play in my affection for this classic text.

I must admit that I’ve experienced a form of ego-death as part of my spiritual awakening over the last year.  It has meant that I no longer define myself as a BDSM enthusiast. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel a characteristic tingle when I reminisce about my past sexploits. But, these days, my worship has taken another form. I don’t require the ego boost that FemDom provides. On the other hand, I do still adore being treated like the divine Goddess and having a man stooping to worship my body and provoke pleasure. It’s no longer an issue of domination, submission or following the established rules of a twisted game. My intention now is to celebrate the senses.

Now, the name Venus has another meaning for me. I’m working to better articulate my orgasmic lifestyle, so that everyone can live like a goddess. Sex is pointing more in a tantric direction with hours devoted to sensual pleasure and slow caresses. The focus is gradually shifting from a concentration on genitals and the obsession with the strictly orgasmic. The art is to slow down and enjoy other parts of the body that you had no idea could be so erogenous, such as behind the knees and around the nape of the neck.

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This Venus vibrator from Zemalia reflects my current Venusian lifestyle; it’s minimalist but with no compromise on functionality. It resembles a classic rabbit vibrator but without the handle. This detail is particularly useful if your male partner has a fragile ego. Most men see a rabbit vibrator and become anxious. They assume that you insert the whole thing, which encourages them to compare the size of the toy to their own manhood. No wonder that they feel intimidated. It doesn’t do them any good, even if you reassure them that the insertable portion isn’t even a third of its whole length. For them, once a toy with a big shaft has been seen, it can’t be unseen. The Venus, on the other hand, looks small, curved and streamlined, so it won’t dent any one’s self-confidence.

The Venus has one control button and simple, understated, packaging. It has seven vibration modes and is USB rechargeable. It comes with a drawstring storage bag, a charging cable and multilingual instructions.

test, venus by zemalia, clitoris stimulation, G spot stimulation, rabbit vibrators, rechargeable sex toys, venusohara, venus o'hara,

MATERIAL: Eco-friendly ABS and Silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof.


NOISE LEVEL: Moderate.

USABILITY: One button controls every aspect of your Venusian pleasure. A full charge takes one hour and that will provide you with up to two hours of satisfaction. The toy was easy to insert and its functionality proved to be highly intuitive. You can even use it externally or to stimulate other parts of the body during foreplay. Despite its reduced dimensions, I could really notice it working on my G spot. I went through all of the settings. The different vibration modes are indicated by a coloured LED on its base; this is extremely useful if you’re using it in the dark. My preferred setting was the green mode. This was the strongest, continuous, vibration effect and I enjoyed it immensely while I rehearsed some of my more elaborate tantric fantasies. It didn’t take long before I reached my climax.

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ORGASM-O-BILITY: Thanks to its strong motors and its dual stimulation effect, it took me no time at all to reach orgasm. Its shape and power meant that it couldn’t fail to satisfy the needs of my inner and outer goddess. My divine moans proved that the Venus, by Zemalia, was indeed worthy of its name.

PROS: A highly appropriate name. Minimalist, small package. Easy to operate. Rechargeable. Dual stimulation. Excellent value for money.

CONS: It kept slipping out of my body so I needed to push it back into position quite often. Resting my fingertips on the base resolved the issue completely.


  • Dual stimulation of the clitoris and G spot.
  • Women looking for a strong, discreet, sex toy.
  • Women who want to stimulate their inner and outer goddess.
  • External stimulation.

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