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The MAZE Collection -Vegan Leather

As soon as I saw the appropriately titled, MAZE collection from Bijoux Indiscrets, I knew that I needed to find my own path into it. I did not care about forgetting the way I went in, taking a wrong turn or, indeed, solving the puzzle. I just felt the need to get lost in a confounding, and thrilling, realm of fetish fantasy.

It is always a real treat for me to receive some new Bijoux Indiscrets products. But, when I heard that they were launching a new collection made from vegan leather, I was more excited than usual.


My special enthusiasm is based on the way the MAZE collection so perfectly addresses my own concerns and beliefs. I have long been a big fan of Bijoux Indiscrets – its products and its philosophy. As a company, it seems to tie in with my own feminist message about sensuality and sexuality. I wrote one of my most provocative articles for them recently. It appeared on their blog to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. It was called The Power Of The Pussy. It took as its subject the simple fact that, as women, we are just not reaching our full orgasmic potential.

Vegan Leather

Another important reason for my profound interest in this collection is its commitment to using vegan leather. In this way it brings two of my biggest passions together. They are, of course, fetishism and veganism. I am extremely passionate about healthy living in general and veganism in particular. Those who follow me on social media will have seen my regular pictorial updates about the delicious vegan cuisine that I enjoy so much. In fact, my best articles tend to be written in the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona. I find their healthy ambiance to be particularly inspiring.


You don’t have to be vegan to be able to enter the the world of MAZE. Nor do you have to be a BDSM enthusiast to enjoy its delights. Selections from the MAZE collection can add spice to an otherwise vanilla sex session.The pieces are so well designed that they can be worn with lingerie to make a distinctive statement of your erotic intent.

The presentation of the MAZE collection, in distinctive and luxurious individual boxes, is nothing short of excellent. They are ideal for offering as gifts and the discreet, and sturdy, packaging will keep them in immaculate condition until the next time that they can be put to good use.


The MAZE collection comprises beautifully designed harnesses, collars, suspender belts and cuffs. All of the products have a practical function but can also be worn as fashion accessories. They can add a real edge to any conventional clothing that you might combine them with. Their real value will be realised during hot moments with your partner, in private.

Each item is available in two colours: brown or black.

My preference, in most cases, was black, but I was also interested in seeing how the other colour could be utilised. The brown harness looks great when worn over a checked shirt. It is so very cowgirly. It looks even better against dark clothing. I had to have one in black as well, just because I loved it so much. It looks seriously cool worn over a white shirt but is even better against naked skin.


I have not had a great deal of experience with vegan leather but I was really impressed with its quality. It is also far more resilient than I would have expected. The very best thing about MAZE is that it’s cruelty free. The only cruelty connected to the MAZE collection will be the cruelty inflicted by me when I am wearing it.

vegan leather

Check out my video below which includes unboxing and yours truly, modelling the MAZE Collection.

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