Unboxing The New Erotic Accessories from Bijoux Indiscrets Photo: Magnifique · Metallic chain Choker

I love being at home when I’m wearing a ridiculous and provocative outfit and I’m waiting for a lover to arrive. I always know exactly what will happen long before they knock on the door even if they don’t. My lovers are used to seeing me wearing a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms around the house so anything different always comes as a welcome surprise.

When I saw the hip chains from the new collection by Bijoux Indiscrets, I knew that they would be ideal for this type of erotic game. There is also something very alluring about being naked except for a chain (or two). Feeling something cold and metallic draped against your skin that moves against you with each step you take is incredibly arousing. It’s like ‘I’m dressed but naked’. The hip chains highlight the curve and form of your figure even more than being naked does. But cold chains provoke goosebumps and make my nipples harden in anticipation of what’s going to happen next.


Magnifique · Metallic chain waist jewellery

This hip chain is ideal for enhancing the buttocks and waist. Not only is it great to wear when you’re naked, it’s amazing to accessorize leggings or a tight dress. It can also be worn as a metallic bra.

back chain

Magnifique · Metallic chain shoulders & back jewellery It’s reversible, so you can choose how you want to wear it; you can tie it from the front or back.

cuffs bijoux indiscrets

Magnifique · Metallic chain Handcuffs / Bracelets – bracelets for any occasion and handcuffs to fulfil your secret BDSM fantasies

chain whip

Magnifique · Metallic chain Whip / Necklace – A necklace that suits any occasion and a whip that punishes with pleasure.

All accessories feature an exclusive design by Bijoux Indiscrets and do not contain nickel.


Wearing a mask awakens many feelings for the person who wears it and in those who see it being worn. A mask invokes an air of mystery because you can’t be recognised. I can still see you but you can no longer see me. A mask permits us to forget who we are and express ourselves without guilt or inhibition because anonymity is empowering. A mask is the ideal accessory for a special social occasion, a Christmas party, a wedding or a role-play game with your partner.

Bijoux Indiscrets have just launched six different masks. I can’t help thinking what a pity it was that I couldn’t choose one of them to wear for the cover shoot of my book,The Mask of Venus, last year. I spent a long time trying to find one back then but all I could locate were ones that were more suitable for use in a dungeon. If Bijoux Indiscrets had launched this collection back then, it would have made my life a lot easier.

Having said that, I don’t really know which one I would have chosen for my book because each of them has its own indiscreet charm.

  • Easy to wear. Use the stickers to apply the mask directly to your face.
  • The stickers are reusable. Replacement stickers are included.
  • Skin Friendly. The sticker’s adhesive will not irritate your skin.
  • There are no ties. Place the mask directly on your face, without messing up your hair.
  • They don’t obscure your vision.

mask anna








mask bijoux


mask erika



doughnut delight unboxing

After my first taste of Poeme of Wild strawberry, I carried on eating it until it was all gone. It’s delicious but , if you have some, don’t forget to share. Donut Poeme is just as irresistable. I recommend either yourself or your partner lying face down while the other trickles a small amount on their lower back. Then, you can either use the plume to tickle them or draw hearts. It is at that moment when the body paint can be licked off them. Please don’t forget to switch places so you can take your turn in the other role.

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