‘But aren’t there any sex toys for men?’ That’s a question I’ve often been asked by men especially after I’ve told them about my own amazing collection of sex toys. More than one of them has even confessed that he would like to be a woman just to try them all out. It’s true that women have a much wider range of erotic toys to choose from.This is beginning to change. LELO, a brand leader, has just launched three new sex toys for men.

These new prostate massagers: HUGO™, BRUNO™ and LOKI™ are paving the way for a much needed discussion about how we understand male pleasure and the way men can achieve the best orgasms.
juguetes eroticos para hombres HUGO™ is a prostate massager that demonstrates a new understanding of male pleasure either experienced alone or as part of a couple. It works with a remote control and uses exclusive SenseMotion™ Technology. Its two powerful motors and 8 vibration settings. Combined with a perfect design, it delivers the most intense and lasting hands-free orgasms

BRUNO™ is all about the art of pleasure. It has two powerful motors, one at the tip to stimulate the prostate and another at the base. The luxurious BRUNO™ is a prostate massager featuring 6 intense vibration patterns to bring you the most pleasurable hands-free orgasm. It is waterproof and made from silky silicone. BRUNO™ is the world’s most desirable prostate massager.

LOKI™ is the ultimate prostate massager. It is anatomically perfect for stimulating the prostate more precisely and intensely. LOKI™ is also waterproof and rechargeable. It has 8 different vibration modes for more refined pleasure.


According to Steve Thomson, LELO’s Director of Global Marketing, prostate massage has been surrounded by myths and social taboos for a long time. Typically, men have been embarrassed to talk about it. LELO has fought, and continues to fight, the stigmas surrounding female sexuality. It now takes a step forward to acknowledge the pleasures of the prostate as well.

If I were a man, I couldn’t imagine having a prostate and not stimulating it just because of a taboo. Although, I must confess, that it’s this very hang-up in a man that excites me the most when I stimulate him anally. I find it incredibly exciting to observe the internal conflict when he admits that he likes it when he thinks that he really shouldn’t.

juguetes eroticos hombres lelo

Dr. Mark Sircus, a specialist in oriental and pastoral treatment and creator of Natural Allopathic Medicine has his own opinion. He believes that it’s time to stop being squeamish with the prostate gland and to embrace its full orgasmic potential. When it comes to health, medicine and the best sex, he recommends using the right equipment. HUGO™, BRUNO™ and LOKI™ are appropriate for both beginners and experts in prostate massage. They offer the most accurate and intense stimulation available in the marketplace.

I haven’t tested the toys myself this time, but I have checked their strength of vibrations, selection of settings and so on. While I was doing this I was wondering how exactly I might test them properly and who I would try them out on.
juguetes eroticos para hombres venus o'hara

MATERIAL: Silicone. Wonderful texture.


NOISE: Very quiet.

PROS: Powerful without being noisy, soft texture, ergonomic shape, very elegant packaging.

CONS: What cons? I can’t think of any.


– Prostate massage,
– Any man who wants a luxury sex toy to stimulate the anus,
– Using with your boyfriend.

You can get LELO’s new sex toys for men at Ella Paradis.

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