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I love being a writer but I have to confess that the worst thing about the job is that it can be very lonely sometimes. Being a sex toy tester can also be quite solitary but that’s the nature of the role. Of course, any sense of loneliness is clearly easier to bear when I’m masturbating. It’s only an issue when I have to test a couple’s sex toy; sometimes, I just don’t know who to use it with.

Fortunately, I didn’t have this problem when I tested LELO TIANI 24K for the first time. I’d already invited a friend to have dinner with me at my house. This was ostensibly to broaden his experience of vegan cuisine while sharing my passion about it with him. He had no idea, when he took his seat, that our meat-free meal would become very, very carnal indeed.LELO TIANI 24K is a luxury, gold-plated, couple’s sex toy. It has 8 vibration settings – two controlled by SenseMotion. It has two motors, one for the G-spot and the other for the clitoris. It comes in very stylish gift packaging and includes a USB cable, a sachet of LELO lubricant, a 10 year warranty, a drawstring storage bag and 2 AAA batteries for its remote control.

tiani 24k LELO

MATERIAL: Very soft  bio-compatible silicone. 24K Gold plated. Compatible with water-based lubricants.


NOISE: Almost silent.

tiani 24k LELO packaging contents

USABILITY: It’s very easy to use. Sex toys with remote controls offer couples plenty of options, especially the SenseMotion function in this case. Personally speaking, I prefer to use my toys without the remote control when I’m on my own. I suppose that’s because having one less device to handle seems simpler to me.

The first time I tested LELO TIANI 24K, I was by myself. It was very easy to insert and was very comfortable. The gold-plated part is meant for external use and is designed for clitoral stimulation.The insertable piece of the toy is very thin but, when it’s inside, you’ll certainly know it’s there! It can almost be used hands-free. I say ‘almost’ because, when put to use that way, it can work its way out gradually. Once it was inside, I went through all the available vibration settings. Although I would have preferred a stronger ‘continuous’ vibration, I came quite quickly anyway just by applying a little more manual pressure to the toy.

When I used it with my dinner-partner for the evening, I came up with an amusing game. I had set the table and placed the LELO TIANI 24K’s remote control on my guest’s plate. At first, he looked confused but he soon realized that it was all part of the dining experience that I had prepared for him. He pressed the button on the device and saw an immediate response on my face. It was obvious to him that I had something inside me over which he had complete control. Naturally, he wanted to see what the toy actually was but I made him wait for the duration of the dinner. In the end, after his continual use of the remote control, I couldn’t take any more. I wouldn’t recommend doing this outside the home, and especially not in public, because the toy could slip out at an inappropriate moment.

At home, however, it’s ideal. During penetration, I’d recommend that the women takes control. After trying a variety of sex toys during penetration, I can confirm that LELO TIANI 24K is, without doubt, the most comfortable.

tiani 24k LELO venus

ORGASM-O-ABILITY: Oh, oh, oh my God! It was even more intense during penetration. LELO TIANI 24k gives you golden orgasms!

PROS: Very elegant. Ergonomic shape. Very soft. Discrete, due to its small size and the fact that it doesn’t make much noise. Luxury packaging, ideal gift, Rechargeable via USB,

CONS: It’s not cheap.

tiani 24k LELO sex toy review


  • Couples seeking a sophisticated toy to enjoy together.
  • Stimulating the clitoris and G-spot during penetration.
  • Using with a dildo.
  • A romantic gift for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

tiani 24k LELO venus o'hara

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