The Warmth of Winter Sex

The Warmth of Winter Sex

The Warmth of Winter Sex

I love to wake up warm in bed when it’s cold outside. Hearing the wind and the rain hitting hard against my window panes only encourages me to stay under the covers; perhaps for the whole day. That decision becomes even easier if I’m accompanied. For me, winter is the hottest season and not just when I’m in bed. There’s nothing like winter sex.

Men always seem more attractive to me when they’re wearing winter clothing. I’ve never been convinced by the erotic allure of shorts and sandals, no matter how fit the men wearing them are. During cold weather, I love the way men’s shoulders stand out, especially when they’re wearing fitted suits. The classic ‘V’ shape, whose narrowest point begins at the waist before opening out to the prominent pointed shoulders, has always focused my attention. A sharp and angular outline transmits masculine power, attention to detail and complete control over the impression that is being made. I always wonder how much time and effort it would take for me to remove those accumulated layers and strip those men of their self-control, piece by piece.

While summer clothes produced for women tend to highlight cleavages, promote the back and flaunt the legs, winter wardrobe choices leave everything to the imagination. A brief winter glimpse of a concealed, yet suggestive area, can be much more enticing than the most abundant exposure of provocative parts when it’s hot. On a cold day, hoodies and onesies make women seem all the more ‘huggable’ and knee-high boots always help us to walk with more authority and attitude.

winter sex

I always feel a secret thrill when I go outside wearing a winter skirt with stockings and a suspender belt underneath. I love the sensory contradiction of walking in the cold and feeling my naked thighs rubbing together with every step. But I wonder, from time to time, if someone might get an unexpected flash of those scandalously white thighs. Then, I might become concerned about what they might think of me if they did. It’s an exquisite kind of paranoia.

Wearing retro fifties style lingerie makes much more sense when the temperatures drop. High-waisted briefs can be combined with girdles and pointed bras to maximum erotic effect. Apart from being very provocative, these deliciously elaborate undergarments also serve to sculpt and enhance the most attractive aspects of the female figure. Corsets, once seen as a method to restrain and suppress the fact of hips and breasts, have been reclaimed by modern women to praise their shape, not hide it. These pieces of lingerie have evolved into a kind of sophisticated erotic armour; their message now is one of seductive potential not social and sexual constraint.

When it comes to dressing up in PVC fetish wear and latex separates, there’s no better time to indulge yourself than in winter. Latex fetish is based on the extent to which the material clings to the body. The more it resembles a second skin, the better. There have been a few times that I’ve tried to wear latex in summer and the problem has always been the same. Unfortunately, latex needs a ‘polisher’ or a lubricant to achieve its ultimate visual effect. The ‘lube’ dries so fast, and the latex looks so dull as a result, that I feel, and look, more like a scuba diver than a fetish goddess.

Wearing more layers of clothing creates a good deal of speculation, from interested people, about what may lie beneath them. That mystique also raises a practical concern, in the minds of lovers, about how long it might take to remove every garment before a successful sexual scenario can occur. On the other hand, it also encourages the process of stripping, or of being stripped, to become a significant addition to foreplay; making it last much longer.

In cold weather, my skin is more receptive to sensations. Even the slightest of touches can raise goosebumps and stir other parts of my dormant body into activity. My lazy nipples, when caressed, harden immediately. A lover’s warm breath, placed strategically on an area of my bare neck, can casually accelerate my already sensitized libido. Then, when I feel a cool hand, placed on my lower back, it makes me shudder happily and it gives me sweet chills. While my winter clothes are removed, layer by layer, the warm proximity and urgent caresses we share, help to maintain the mutual heat until we get under the bedclothes. Then, when we’re hot enough, we exchange sighs, moans and cries. The hugs after winter sex lasts longer, not just because we know it’s cold outside but because we want them to go on and on forever.


The Warmth of Winter Sex is a translation of ‘El calor del sexo invernal‘, published in El País.

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