When we look at how our technology has evolved throughout the decades, it is almost unbelievable to witness and discover the point at which we started to where we are today. From medical industries to economic resources and of course technological advancements and telecommunications. We certainly have pushed boundaries in terms of how we have evolved on a technological platform. In today’s age there is an app for just about anything you can think of. So with so much evolution and technological growth, it is no surprise that the world of sex toys has experienced its own development through the decades and here we look at the evolution of sex toy over the last century. 



Dating back to the 1900’s, female hysteria was treated by means of inducing and experiencing an orgasm as well as “scent therapy.” It was believed that when a woman presented with symptoms of hysteria, that the womb had much to do with it and therefore affected the rest of the body. So this is where it gets interesting. Vibrators were invented almost two centuries ago but not with the intention we know of vibrators today in terms of sexual pleasure or masturbation but rather to medically treat female hysteria. Women were advised to treat their sexual frustrations by means of vibrators, manual stimulation or dildos in order to alleviate the common symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, nervousness and more. Now, almost a century and a half later, we realise that masturbation and the use of sex toys was initially built on the building blocks of medically treating frustration and hysteria in women; which actually adds value into how and why we use sex toys in our lives today.

Let’s take a look at the various sex toys we know of today and see how they have evolved through the years: 



There have been many observations and discussions about where the dildo originated from and when and usually it depends on how far back in time you want to go. There is a long (excuse the pun) history dating back to various points in time where the dildo has been known to originate from. First we look at the term, coined in Ancient Greece approximately 2000 years ago if not more, which derived from the Latin word translating to ‘dilate’ – and that is ‘Olisbos’ – a phallic replica of an erect penis to which women can experience penetration and pleasure when husbands or partners were not around, and back then it was usually due to being deployed for war. Through the years, the shape and design of the dildo has dramatically changed into more aesthetically pleasing dildos as well as catering to various preferences in terms of size, width, colour, texture and girth. In addition to the old-school dildos dating back decades, the common pantry item of olive oil was also known to be the best lubricant women could use in conjunction with their Olisbos



Dating back to the 1900’s, an English physician and inventor Joseph Mortimer Granville developed and invented one of the earliest models of the electric vibrator. The intention for these vibrators were targeted at treating blood circulation, pain relief as well as other functional diseases and disorders as well as used on soldiers returning from World War I who were in need of ‘ vibrotherapy’ due to injuries or effects experienced due to their service. The more popular the electric vibrator became within the medical professions, the more benefits were associated within health and beauty. This quickly spread and began to find its way through marketing channels and platforms whereby the use became evidently beneficial to everyday households. With a more conservative hitting the shelves and what was allowed to be publicly marketed, the vibrator no longer represented medical or health benefits only but was seen as pornographic; thus entering the electric vibrator into the sexual and pleasure arenas. 

If we take a look at how vibrators may have evolved from the 1900’s until now, it is clear that there have been significant improvements and additions made to the original designs and intentions of the earlier models. 

For example, what started out to be the dildo or electric vibrator, which still required some form of participation, has now evolved by considering the sexual desires and preferences of all types of people. 

In the 21st century, we now find the most creative and innovative sex toys which allow for solo or partnered play and if you have never heard of a monkey rocker, now is the time to get acquainted with a design which truly has superseded the original sex toys from the 1900’s. Get all the action you need, from penetration to various types of play; an all-in-one companion for the bedroom for sure. 



One thing we know is that throughout the decades and even centuries, art has always evolved around the female body and through this it is no wonder that sex dolls have too dated back centuries ago, for as long as man has desired sexual pleasure, so to speak. In the 16th century French and Spanish sailors would be out at sea and voyages for long periods of time and of course sexual desire would heighten regardless of where they were. With combinations of cloth and clothes, they sewed these materials together to form the shape and resemblance of a female body. This could take the shape of either the entire body, the head or just the pelvic area with genital impressions. This creation crossed further seas to the Dutch and then later on to the Japanese and this then encouraged and stimulated the design evolution of sex dolls through the decades. Today, you can choose any type of doll or female imitation you like and even get specific on physical characteristics such as hair or eye colour all the way to the tightness of the penetrative holes for your specific pleasure needs. 

Sexual exploration and desire is something that forms part of us all, or at least most of us, and knowing how the timeline evolved throughout the world of sex toys allows us to engage more comfortably in the thought of experimentation – if not done so already. Luckily, with the help of technological advancement, we can find just about any toy which will not only tick our sexual boxes but satisfy our needs no matter how discreet or erotic they may be.


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