In collar fetishism, a submissive wears a collar to represent his or her status as an owned creature or as property possessed by a dominant or goddess. To be “collared” is a term that recognises the arrangement or relationship between a Top or a Bottom in a BDSM relationship. The term “Collar” can refer to any device that symbolises the subordination of the owned partner. A standard form is a dark, leather band around the neck that incorporates fittings to permit the attachment and continued use of a leash. A leash is particularly useful when utilised in an extended role-play scenario that is centred on humiliation. At a purely physical level, wearing a collar at home in the absence of a dominant can summon up his or her presence and bring a greater sense of emotional connection through the tactile sensation of the accessory. They are often owned and attached by the dominant as part of a ceremony. This can also include the signing of a submission contract as well. For some, such ceremonies can be considered an equivalent to marriage.