Bondage is the art of restraining someone or tying them up in some way that induces intense feelings of sexual gratification for both parties in opposite ways. It can be as simple as tying a simple knot or as sophisticated as Shibari or Japanese rope bondage. The person being tied up can relax and allow the person doing the tying to provide pleasure for them, which in this case is related to feelings of helplessness and lack of free-will. The individual doing the tying up derives an equal and opposite enjoyment from their own feelings of empowerment. Power, in this context of discipline for the sake of arousal, must not be abused. It will never become an issue as long as both partners approach bondage games in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Being tied up by someone you trust implicitly allows you to feel protected and cherished in a way that can't be experienced at any other time. Tying someone up, on the other hand, makes you feel trusted and needed by them in return. It is taken for granted that people in high powered jobs like these kind of sexual games, because they are able to let someone else take control so that they can lose control. It is also fair to say that it is usually imaginative people who enjoy these games, because they are better able to get lost inside them. Items that can be used for restraints can include ropes, scarves, neck-ties, ribbons, underwear or hosiery.