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Wand massagers have the reputation of being highly effective and scandalously loud. They have to be plugged into the mains and are often so powerful that, after climaxing, the vulva is left tingling and numb for some time afterwards. Some user’s enjoy this sensation. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for one with a subtler effect, Adrien Lastic’s Symphony has all the traditional advantages of a wand massager but does away with the disadvantages. Symphony is smaller, a lot quieter and doesn’t have a power cord that’ll end up tangled around your legs. It has 10 vibration settings and is USB rechargeable.

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I remember chatting to a friend in England on Skype a few months ago. It amused me when she explained that her next door neighbours were going away for the weekend. This was a great relief to her because it meant she could relax and make plenty of noise for a change. This struck me as odd because here, in Spain, things are different. As far as my neighbours are concerned, the mentality I’m more familiar with is ‘If I’m awake then everyone’s awake’. This total lack of consideration for others drives me absolutely mad sometimes.

Unlike my neighbours, I try to be as considerate with noise as I can. My rule is that, after 11:00 pm, I won’t play any music or use loud sex toys. Any orgasms that I do have are muffled by my pillow. From time to time, the fact that apartments here have paper-thin walls can catch me out. My next door neighbour admitted that he and his wife often heard odd buzzing sounds coming from my bedroom. He assumed I was squeezing oranges as part of my healthy lifestyle. When he found out that the sounds were due to the sex toys I was using, he encouraged me to go right ahead and make as much noise as i wanted, whenever I wanted. Despite this, I’m still self-conscious and I prefer to be as discreet as possible. I tend to use Wand vibrators in the daytime, when I know he’s at work.

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MATERIAL: Silicone head and ABS plastic handle. Very soft and pleasant texture. Compatible with water-based lubricants.

USABILITY: Very easy to use. After switching it on, and going through all the vibration settings, I settled on the strongest, continuous, one. The handle is ergonomic and very comfortable to hold. Thanks to a flexible neck, the head can be turned and rotated to vary and intensify the clitoral stimulation. It can also be used to massage other parts of your body. Lie down and give it to your partner so they can get to work on all of your aches and pains,

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Strong, but not as strong as traditional wand massagers that need to be plugged into the mains.

NOISINESS: Nothing scandalous. Your neighbours or flatmates will have no idea that there’s a private Symphony playing in your bedroom.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: It didn’t take me long to reach the highest notes.

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PROS: Elegant and ergonomic shape, silent but powerful, USB rechargeable, it won’t leave you numb like other wand massagers, can be used on other parts of the body.

CONS: I can’t think of any personally, but if you’re after the numbing effect that’s typical after using heavier duty wand massagers, then you won’t get it from this one.


  • Indirect clitoral stimulation,
  • using with a partner to massage other areas of the body
  • women looking for a USB rechargeable wand massager.
  • A Christmas present.

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