TENGA Smart Vibe Ring

TENGA Smart Vibe Ring – A high-end, rechargeable cock ring specially designed for a natural fit.

There are wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings and many other types. There’s no doubt that rings often symbolise love and commitment. Even Beyoncé sang: “’Cause if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it,” in her hit single All The Single Ladies.

But, what about cock rings?

In my opinion, they are not so different from the rings we wear on our fingers. In general, they are bought as something to spice up an existing relationship. A cock ring is often intended to be enjoyed exclusively by the couple who purchased it. Personally, something feels wrong about using the same cock ring on different guys. In the same way, I wouldn’t like to use a toy that has previously been used by another girl.

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The big difference is that cock rings don’t make commitment-phobes like me nervous. The only ring I wear is my Irish Claddagh ring. Although technically I’m not the one wearing the cock ring, I don’t mind enjoying them. Unfortunately, in many cases they only get used a couple of times and then they are forgotten about. This is because cock rings can be complicated. Sometimes even more so than the men they are attached to.

In my opinion in order to have a good experience with a cock ring, it’s essential that the male partner resists his innate urge to thrust. Most experiences with cock rings tend to be disappointing for this very reason. With a cock ring it’s advisable to grind instead. Even better: the guy stays still while the woman controls the movement and the pressure of the toy to stimulate her clitoris.

tenga svr ring

TENGA Smart Vibe Ring is the latest addition to my sex toy collection. It is a luxury rechargeable cock ring with an upright stimulator for greater clitoral contact during penetration. The flexible silicone ring accommodates most men. 1 button operation easy for either partner. It has 5 speeds and 2 patterns of vibration. 60 minute charge time will provide you with 60 minutes of pleasure. USB rechargeable. It’s elegant yet extremely powerful, even at only 25g. Waterproof up to 50cm.

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It comes with a small case for storage, a USB cable and an instruction manual.

Available in three colours: Black, Pearl White and Carmine.

MATERIAL: Velvety soft silicone. Compatible with water based lubricants.

USABILITY: Very intuitive. When it arrived it was already charged. As soon as I opened it, and felt the smooth texture of the toy and switched it on, I knew that I simply couldn’t wait for my beau to try it. I decided to test it straight away as a clitoral stimulator instead. I used the end of the toy for direct stimulation. You can also use it by wearing the ring on your two middle fingers and using the flatter side to stimulate the clitoris. This is the part of the toy that stimulates you when using it during penetration with a male partner.

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When I finally used it during penetration, I put it on him over the condom and positioned it on the base of his penis. It fit well and he said it was comfortable. I would recommend getting into your desired position before switching the toy on. You can control it with your hand or grind together to increase the stimulation. It’s deal for using in any position, as long as he stays still or grinds. Mmm.

It’s also easy to wash.


NOISINESS: Very discreet, even on the strongest settings.

ORGASM-O-ABILITY: Oh my God! I ended up using it twice in one afternoon as a clitoral stimulator. It was that good. The orgasm was equally intense when I used it with a partner, although it took longer. But then again, who’s in a rush?

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PROS: Amazingly soft texture, powerful yet silent. It was comfortable for him. It’s discreet and elegant. Versatile; can be used as a blunter, smoother version of a bullet vibrator and also with a male partner, of course. If, for some reason, you break up with your partner or he doesn’t like it, at least you’ll be left with a top quality clitoral stimulator. All in all, the Smart Vibe Ring from TENGA is without doubt the best cock ring I’ve ever tried.

CONS: When fully charged, it will give 60 minutes of pleasure. This means that I will inevitably end up charging this one more often than my other sex toys. This is because according to my own personal orgasmic mathematics, penetration lasts longer than solo scenarios. I’m planning on using it for both. Basically, I’ll have to recharge approximately every two or three orgasms… If that makes any sense.

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  • couples looking for a sophisticated cock ring,
  • using as a clitoral stimulator,
  • using with a classic vibrator for a rabbit vibrator experience,
  • a Christmas present for your partner.

TENGA are giving away 60 Smart Vibe Rings. To participate in the giveaway, click here. 

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