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The other day when I shared a picture of my ‘orgasmic breakfast’ on social media,  someone commented that it was typical of a lost and lonely soul. Something that was the result of “Barcelona’s curse”.

There’s no doubt that Barcelona expat life favours singletons; but making the sweeping assumption that being single equates to being sad is just so wrong.

I paused for a while and sat on that thought. Was I a lost and lonely soul? I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t, of course. It’s strange how things can be perceived so differently from what you intended. In the images of my orgasmic breakfasts, there is only joy and gratitude, orgasms and vitamins.

The ongoing discipline of arranging, photographing and posting the orgasmic breakfast images encourages me to try out more exotic fruits and experiment with the content of my morning meals. By doing so, I help to reflect the diversity and the vibrant colours of my latest sex toys.

Two recent inclusions to the expanding world of my orgasmic breakfasts have been sourced from Yome Garden. Their vivid pink colour, is reminiscent of an exotic fruit and their shapes make them seem almost good enough to eat.

The first device was a G spot vibrator with a detachable clitoral stimulator. This has to be one of the most versatile sex toys that I’ve ever tested. It has a slim, textured, shaft with a raised ridge that can almost stimulate the clitoris when inserted. The motor is located in the tip, which makes it perfect for external clitoral stimulation. The other end features a beautifully textured clitoral stimulator that is detachable. This capability enables the device to offer the functionality of 2 sex toys in 1!  It has two separate motors that can be controlled individually. The one located in the shaft has seven vibration patterns while its equivalent, in the brush clitoral stimulator, has three.

The second toy was the Wearable Wireless Remote Control Bullet Egg Vibrator with Heating function. It offers ten different vibration settings, is suitable for solo or couple’s use and is perfect to spice up a hot date. It provides dual stimulation to the G spot and clitoris simultaneously. After the issue with the ‘lonely’ breakfast, I was going to need some assistance with this toy. It has 10 vibration settings.


The toys are presented in an elegant white box that also contains a USB charging cable, an instructions leaflet and a drawstring storage bag.


Incredibly soft silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof.


STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Moderate to strong.


The G spot vibrator with its detachable clitoral stimulator is an incredibly versatile sex toy. I had to use it several times just to get the gist of it. As a G spot simulator, it’s incredibly easy to insert. The ridge feature almost acts an additional clitoral stimulator. As such, it’s very satisfying.

The other, detachable, end offers a more gentle style of vibration. It still offers great potential for foreplay or for tickling other body parts. When the two components that form the toy are separated, the shaft becomes a dildo as the only vibrating part would be the detached brush clitoral stimulator. It is possible to use one or both toys yourself or perhaps even share one half with a female partner while you enjoy the other.

The Wearable Wireless Remote Control Bullet Egg Vibrator with Heating function can also be deployed as a dedicated Kegel exerciser or a vibrator for solo/couples play. The heating feature can go up to 108℉ in three minutes. The remote control functions at a distance of up to 32.8 ft and it offers a selection of ten powerful and three vibration modes to explore. Its fully-charged battery lasts up to ninety minutes. At first, I used it as a solo toy, during the test for the video below. Another day, I used this with a male partner during a long, lazy sunday. I inserted it at home before he came round to my place to join me for a healthy juice on my roof terrace. As I juiced my veggies, I pointed him to the remote control resting on the worktop. As I’m a sex toy tester, he quickly intuited the exact nature of the game that I’d prepared for us. He pressed the button on the remote control. The sudden combination of my blushing face, sighs, giggles and thigh-squirming confirmed his suspicions that I had something special hidden away inside me. After our juice and more random pressings of the button, we decided that it was the perfect foreplay toy. It became obvious that the next step was to test out its orgasmic potential on my own. I was really impressed with the shape. It’s very easy to insert and feels very comfortable to wear.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I had to use the dildo G spot vibrator several times to test its full orgasmic potential. Thanks to its shape, motor and texture as well as its versatility, I had some incredible orgasms.

The Wearable Wireless Remote Control Bullet Egg Vibrator with Heating function is more of a foreplay toy, but it still has orgasmic potential. The element that stimulates the clitoris has some residual vibrations from the motor located in the G spot part of the toy.


Excellent value for money. Suitable for couple or solo use. Waterproof. Incredibly soft texture.

CONS: There are no batteries included for the waerable remote control. it needs a AAA battery.


G spot stimulator with detachable clitoral stimulator:

  • G spot stimulation with or without vibration,
  • Clitoral stimulation,
  • Using as a dildo while the detachable stimulator is used on the clitoris,
  • Enjoying with a female partner.

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The Wearable Wireless Remote Control Bullet Egg Vibrator with Heating function:

  • Wearing during a hot date with a partner,
  • Kegel exercises,
  • Simultaneous stimulation of the G spot and clitoris,
  • Foreplay.

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