A Womanizer is a man who indulges in casual affairs with different women. They usually have a big problem with monogamy. Now this has changed, thanks to a new sex toy called Womanizer. It is a highly original erotic toy that uses a suction device to stimulate the clitoris. It promises to deliver explosive orgasms. And unlike a traditional womanizer, this one is just for you.

I’d been eager to try out a sex toy that offers an innovative approach to stimulation for quite some time. I had been well aware of the WOMANIZER due to its large promotional campaign. I had also read stunning reviews written about it. The question I wanted answering was: does it really work?

WOMANIZER uses innovative technology that is unlike any conventional vibrator. It has a suction device that stimulates the clitoris without actually touching it. This is the first time that this technology has been used in this way. It has 6 intensities. It is rechargeable and it comes with a storage case and an additional silicone head.

Although it’s available in various colours, the WOMANIZER isn’t the world’s most elegant sex toy. In fact, it looks like an ear thermometer. Personally, I’ve always thought that the functionality of a sex toy was far more important than its appearance.

womanizer packaging lys erotic store USABILITY: It is very important to separate the labia to expose the clitoral glans and place the suction device over it. My clitoris was very sensitive at first and it was a bit uncomfortable. I recommend stimulating the clitoris manually before applying the toy to the area. It is important to position it well and keep it still during stimulation. It’s not a toy to be used to stimulate the clitoris during penetration. The strange noise it produces could become a distraction if used with a partner.

Going back to my testing… It was like changing my personal masturbation method. I don’t usually stimulate my clitoris so directly. Being so sensitive, I decided to use it with a little water based lubricant. I tried it with and without lubricant. I perceived the suction much more without it. I started with the lowest intensity, so that I could get used to the feeling. Once I had relaxed, I turned it up to the maximum in preparation for my impending orgasm. When you finish, I recommend turning off the toy before removing it from the area. To wash it, simply remove the silicone suction head and wash it in warm water. Dry thoroughly before re-attaching.womanizer packaging STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Very powerful.

NOISINESS: Noisy. The sound produced by the orgasms is also extremely loud. Use with great care if you live in a shared apartment or with your parents.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: It never fails. Every time I’ve used it, I’ve had explosive orgasms with powerful spasms. Even my neighbours have heard!

I’m not the only one who has had memorable orgasms thanks to WOMANIZER. According to a survey of 50 women between 20 and 60 who have tried:
– 73% achieved multiple orgasms.
– 76% achieved incredible orgasms.
– 63% commented that it is a completely different feeling.
– 100% think it is innovative and a good investment.
womanizer estimulador de clitoris PROS: Original concept. Unique sensations. Intense orgasms. Rechargeable. Easy to clean.

CONS: Noisy. It’s not the prettiest sex toy.

– Stimulating the clitoris directly.
– Trying something new.
– Very demanding women who want explosive orgasms.

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Check out my video for the new Womanizer Pro below:
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