One of the hardest things about being a sex toy tester is having to test toys when you’re not quite in the mood for an orgasm. Fortunately, over the years that I have been doing this job, I have developed some techniques to motivate me in times like these.

When I was about the try the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Next Generation for my Sex Toy Laboratory video, I must admit that I felt lazy. The truth is that I had already enjoyed an afternoon of intense lovemaking with my beau. Naturally, I was tired and in a dreamy state, and not quite thinking about my next orgasm…

He went out for a few hours, leaving me to get on with some work. I was still lying in the same bed that we had messed up together just moments earlier. In order to get into the zone, I did what I usually do these days. I put my salt lamp on in order to create a relaxed atmosphere. Then, I put some binaural beats music on. That is to say, chill out music that provokes specific mental and physical states. It has become the soundtrack to my life recently, whatever my activity.

Then, I lay back and I started to meditate. More specifically, I was thinking about a particular intention as I stimulated myself with Satisfyer Pro deluxe Next Generation.

It is a powerful clitoral stimulator that uses pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris without touching it. It has 11 levels of intensity and fits in my hand perfectly.

PACKAGING: It is presented in a no-frills box that also contains a magnetic USB charging cable and a multilingual instructions leaflet.

MATERIAL: It is made from ABS plastic and silcone. It is compatible with water-based lubricant and it is waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower.


USABILITY: Very intuitive. The shape is very ergonomic and fits in the hand perfectly. I was amazed when I discovered that I could use it hands-free. When I initiated the stimulation, I was able to hold it with my thinghs, and then as I became more aroused, I opened my thighs in order expose my clitoris more, and to my surprise, I was still able to use it hands-free. This is great for those who want to use their hands for other things such as stimulating the breasts, other parts of your body or your partner’s body if you’re with someone. Or even for typing, if you are indulging in sexting or cybersex. It must be noted that the hands-free capabilities are only possible when you lie down facing up.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t in the mood to begin with, I was able to get in the zone in no time at all.   

The silicone head can be removed, which is great for extra precise cleaning, but not so great if you lose it, as it is is literally like a silicone finger ring.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: In order to reach orgasm, I applied more pressure to the toy with my hand and I was able to increase the friction and stimulation. Even though I had already come several times that day, this orgasm was EXPLOSIVE. So much so, that I forgot that I wasn’t in the mood to begin with.

PROS: Ergonomic shape. Silent yet intense. Excellent value for money. Explosive orgasms.

CONS: You could lose the silicone head if you’re not careful…


  • Intense clitoral stimulation.
  • Stimulating the nipples during foreplay.
  • Hands-free pressure wave stimulation.

Check out my video for my Sex Toy Laboratory below!

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