Sex Toy Review: Rotating Rabbit from Luvkis

I recently made a video about orgasm and Enlightenment in which I explained how I use orgasm to manifest. As much I love orgasms, I no longer treat them as a simple sexual release when they can potentially be so much more. Someone asked me: ‘But can frivolous orgasms also lead to Enlightenment?’ Well, of course they can. Often, when I’m utterly blown away by the intense pleasure that sexual stimulation provides, I can forget about my deeper intentions. Then I remember my mission to raise orgasmic awareness and I say to myself: ‘I want all women to experience this.’ Indeed, a frivolous orgasm is no small thing.

When I used this Rotating Rabbit vibrator from Luvkis, I reflected on those things that I already had instead of visualising the things that I most desire. I practised gratitude for everything I already have as well as the privileges I get to enjoy as a sex toy tester, which includes using a wide variety of different rabbit vibrators. In fact, I decided to devote my life to raising orgasmic awareness thanks to the sensations provided by rabbit vibrators.

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I’ve acquired a truly impressive collection of rabbit vibrators over the years and I’m always keen to discover how they are evolving. This particular one has a rotating shaft that feels very much like a throbbing phallus. It provides truly delicous stimulation to the G spot and deep inside the vagina.

The Rotating Rabbit Vibrator from Luvkis has two independent motors: one for the rotation function which has 3 different speeds and the other for the vibration effect which has 5 levels of intensity. All of the vibration modes are continuous.

PACKAGING: Delivered in discreet outer packaging, the product is presented in a hard box that is ideal for offering as a gift and for storing the toy. It also contains a USB charging cable, a multilingual user guide, a drawstring storage pouch and a warranty card.

Enlightenment, clitoral stimulation, g spot stimulation, rabbits, rechargeable sex toys, vibrators, venusohara, venus o'hara,

MATERIAL: Made from body-safe medical grade silicone with an extra-smooth surface. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower. It is easy to clean.

STRENGTH OF MOTOR: Strong and rumbly.

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous.

USABILITY: Very intuitive controls. It takes three hours for a full charge and that will provide you with one and a half hours of premium pleasure. It is easy to insert and it provides intense sensations. The surface of the vibrator is delightfully smooth, pleasant to hold and its shape is very ergonomic. It offers significant size without being too big. After I inserted it, I switched the vibration on first before activating the rotation. It is ideal for those moments when you crave penetration but there are no suitable candidates around to indulge you in your demands. During the stimulation, it stayed in position so I was able to enjoy it hands-free. I made the most of this situation and took the opportunity to text my lover and reminisce about the hot sex we enjoyed the night before. When I was waiting for his replies, so that we could continue with our hot chat, I focussed on orgasmic gratitude until I was totally consumed by pleasure and I reached climax.

Enlightenment, clitoral stimulation, g spot stimulation, rabbits, rechargeable sex toys, vibrators, venusohara, venus o'hara,

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I used it externally and internally. When I used it internally, the orgasm was mind-blowing. I’m not used to dual stimulation and it is always an unforgettable experience. It reminded me just why I devote my life to orgasms.

PROS: Excellent value for money. Intuitive controls. Independent motors. Powerful and silent. Elegant packaging. Intense orgasms.

CONS: It takes a long time to receive a full charge.


Dual stimulation of the G spot and the clitoris.

Using externally as a clitoral stimulator.

Demanding women with limited budgets.

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  1. Enjoyed one of your spots on the you tube, pretty cool. I have a thing for redheads,that I fairly recently discovered. You are a beautiful and open woman,I will be looking for more from you in the future. Thank you.

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