NEA ™ 2 from LELO is a new, ultra powerful, clitoral stimulator, with a 10-year guarantee.

‘Why would you want a sex toy with a 10-year guarantee?’ my current lover asked me when I showed him NEA ™ 2 from LELO,  ‘You break sex toys!’

It’s quite true that I’ve broken a few vibrators in my time but I’ve never broken a LELO one. The first time I broke a sex toy, I was using a rabbit vibrator. I was just about to have a major orgasm when, at the penultimate moment, the toy stopped working. At first I thought it might be the batteries but I’d only just put replacements in. Because it was my very first rabbit, I hadn’t thought of buying a back-up at that point. I couldn’t finish what I’d started and, because of that, my disappointment was indescribable. Since then, I’ve worn out several sex toys due to my excessive use of them. When I’m using a toy, the only thing that I want to break is my own orgasmic record. As luck would have it, that is precisely what happened when I tried LELO’s  NEA ™ 2 for the first time.

nea 2 lelo review

After experiencing multiple orgasms with LILY ™ 2, I wondered whether the same thing might occur with NEA ™ 2 from LELO. I’m very pleased to report that it did. I couldn’t quite believe the multiple orgasms that I experienced with LILY™ 2. To be multi-orgasmic is defined as having sequential orgasms without any refractory phases between them. Some people believe that ‘multiorgasmic’ means having several individual orgasms during a single night. That’s amazing on its own terms but that doesn’t count as being ‘multiorgasmic’.

I’ve been very fortunate to have experienced a few multiple orgasms in my life but now, with assistance from the latest toys from LELO, it’s happening a lot more often.

nea 2 lelo packaging

nea 2 lelo packaginag and contents

NEA ™ 2 from LELO is a luxury clitoral stimulator. It has 8 different vibration settings and comes in an elegant box that contains: a storage bag, a USB cable, a sachet of LELO lubricant and a 10-year guarantee.

It is available in three colours; black, blue and pink.

MATERIAL: ABS plastic. Biocompatible. Gloss Finish.
USABILITY: It was difficult, due to the small size of the control buttons, to switch the toy on for the first use. I found it necessary to press them down quite hard. I have fairly short fingernails and I could imagine someone with long nails, or artificial ones, having even more difficulty than I did. This wasn’t the case with the identically-shaped NEA ™ 2 from LELO. Despite my initial frustration with the buttons, I got it started, placed it in position and found out that its ergonomic shape cupped my vulva perfectly. Pressing the toy down gently results in significant amounts of stimulation without any excess vibration being felt in either the fingers or hand.If you feel the need to change the vibration setting, it becomes necessary to lift the toy clear of the vulva. After making a change, it simply requires that you replace the toy in its previous position to continue. This minor interruption can be quite frustrating. On the other hand, it might just increase your urge to reach climax as quickly as possible.

nea 2 lelo venus

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Ultra-powerful with strong vibrations generated in the whole structure of the toy.

NOISINESS: Hardly any in spite of its impressive power.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: It more than exceeded my high expectations. Like LILY ™ 2, it provided me with multiple orgasms. Not only that, NEA ™ 2 from LELO was so effective that I didn’t have to fantasize to achieve an amazing climax. As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this review, I’m promising myself another session with NEA ™ 2 from LELO as a well-deserved reward for my hard work.

I even recorded it thanks to my new #LifeLoversWatch from Geeksme.
Nea 2 Lelo Geeksme Results
geeksme watch
PROS: Extraordinarily powerful, ergonomic shape, USB rechargeable, highly intense orgasms, smooth surface, easy to clean, extremely discreet because of its small size and its lack of noise, luxury packaging.

CONS: The control buttons are hard to press; even more difficult for anyone with long fingernails. If you have artificial fingernails, you might just  break one of them (but not the toy itself, thankfully).


  • Experiencing multiple LELO-gasms. Stimulating the clitoris either indirectly or directly.
  • More than satisfying for the most demanding women seeking an ultra-powerful vibrator.
  • Women looking for a highly discreet vibrator.
  • Women with short fingernails.
  • Women with a small amount of free time but with a need for top-quality orgasms.

Get your very own NEA ™ 2 from LELO from

WARNING: Use with caution if you have an addictive personality, there’s no going back!

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