The new LUNA Smart Bead™ by LELO aims to help the worlds female population to reach the level of orgasms that they have always dreamed of.

I’ve just finished the first session with my new personal trainer and I can’t wait to begin the next one. Sometimes it can be hard to get in the mood to do any kind of sport and it seems like a real chore when you’re doing it. It’s only afterwards that you feel glad to have put in all the effort. Eventually, when you begin to see the real results of your hard work, the motivation to take exercise more regularly comes easily. When it comes to toning-up the pelvic floor, the rewards are even more obvious. An effective internal workout program results in more intense orgasms! What better motivation can you have to get in shape?

So far, the only effective way to measure my personal progress with kegel balls has been my ability to increase their weight and to extend the length of time that I can wear them. Thanks to LELO, my weight-training programme has changed completely. Now, my workouts only last six minutes. So no more excuses!

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The LUNA Smart Bead™ is a device that responds to the unique way your own pelvic muscles contract and relax. After its first use, the LUNA™ Smart Bead measures your orgasmic potential so that it can create a workout program tailored to you. Each program lasts about 6 minutes.

Thanks to touch sensors that can respond to your movement, the device can automatically select the most appropriate Kegel routine for you. As your pelvic floor tones up, the LUNA Smart Bead ™ will indicate which one of the 5 progress levels that you’ve attained. It does this with the aid of guided vibrations.

• Sensors that customize your workout
• 5 levels of progressive vibration
• The intelligent memory function recalls your previous progress level
• Up to 200 workouts from one AAA battery
• Soft biocompatible silicone that’s 100% waterproof

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TEXTURE: soft silicone and ABS plastic. A very nice surface to touch.

USABILITY: It’s easy to use but you’ll need to read the instructions first. It’s very easy to insert thanks to its ergonomic shape. Turn it on before inserting it. You’ll need to contract your muscles when it vibrates and then relax when it stops. Continue until three short vibrations indicate that the session is complete.

It can also be used as vibrator as its shape is perfectly suited for stimulating the clitoris or vaginal entrance.


NOISE: Quiet

ORGASM-O-ABILITY: When you get to level 5, your orgasms will be astounding. Inbetween internal workouts, the device can be used externally, as a vibrator. Thanks to its shape, and the strength of the vibrations, the orgasms are amazing!

luna smartbead lelo 2

PROS: It’s the best product for strengthening the pelvic floor that I’ve tested so far, it measures your progress, it has a very soft texture, it’s easy to insert due to its ergonomic shape and it can be used as a vibrator as well-so it’s two toys in one.

CONS: The truth is, I can’t think of any! It’s highly recommended!


-women at all practice levels who want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles,
-technology lovers,
– a very effective clitoral stimulator,
-women who lack the motivation to use conventional jiggle balls.

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