I really shouldn’t do this, but I’m going to anyway. That’s exactly what I was thinking when there was a painter at work in the hallway of my flat. Nevertheless, I still went into my bedroom to try G Wave,  a new USB rechargeable vibrator from Adrien Lastic that is exceptionally versatile and adjustable. This stylish vibrator is powered by 2 individual silent motors. Its adaptable shape offers a great variety of angles to experiment with to derive maximum pleasure. It can be used as a classic vibrator or it can be bent in half for simultaneous G-spot & clitoral stimulation. It has 10 vibration settings.

I fetched my iPad and took it with me into my bedroom. One of my old tricks is to use music to camouflage the sound of my buzzing toys. Fortunately I knew that G wave was silent. It was just the volume of my scandalous orgasms that I had to be worried about. When it was playing, I laid down on my unmade bed. Then I pulled down my trackie bottoms and closed my eyes. I switched the toy on and began to imagine my favourite sexual fantasies. I changed my role and the scenario with every clench, knowing that I didn’t have much time.

g wave by Adrien Lastic

MATERIAL: Soft touch silicone / ABS

USABILITY: There are several ways to use G Wave. The head of the larger shaft feels absolutely amazing as a clitoral stimulator. When used with both parts internally, it feels very pleasant. You can even open it out inside. This is an interesting feature if girth is important to you. When used as a rabbit, however, I had to keep it in place with my thumbs and use both hands to facilitate accurate stimulation.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATIONS: Moderate, rumbly vibrations.

NOISE: Silent.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I was surprised how quickly and how intense my orgasm was. The best thing is that the painter didn’t even notice anything strange at all. Well, I hope he didn’t!

G wave vibrator by Adrien Lastic

PROS: velvety soft silicone, versatile, USB rechargeable, silent motor.

CONS: A bit tricky to use solely as a rabbit because you need to use both hands. Perhaps you could ask your partner for help.


– Women looking for a versatile, rechargeable vibrator,
– stimulating the G spot,
– Using externally as a clitoral stimulator,

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