Just the other day I saw an incredible documentary about female orgasm. It focussed specifically on ‘super orgasm’. As a professional orgasm activist, I was keen to find out what exactly they meant by ‘super orgasm’ and how I could have one. It turns out that they were referring to multiple orgasms in a group of women.

They described how when one orgasm was ending, another would build up straight away, and then another and another and so on. Sometimes they were able to experience dozens of orgasms. I have experienced this many times but never as many as dozens in a single session. To be honest, I’ve never tried to count how many orgasms I can enjoy in succession. According to my estimations, there could be around 5, which seems like nothing compared to the women featured in the documentary I saw.

Through many hours of sex toy testing, I learned how to provoke multiple orgasms whenever I wanted. Before I came to this realisation, it was just something that took me by surprise from time to time. I had no idea how to provoke them whenever I wanted. Then, I discovered that building up the friction and movement of a vibrating sex toy against my clitoris was the way to do this.

When I first held this Sensual Touch Wand Massager in my hand for the first time, I knew that it would be the perfect sex toy to provoke multiple orgasms. This is because it has the most flexible neck ever, allowing for focused friction and vibration where you most desire it. It also fits perfectly in my hand and it is very strong.

PACKAGING: Sensual Touch Wand Massager is presented in a no-frills box that also contains a USB charging cable and an instructions leaflet.

MATERIAL: It is made of silicone and ABS. Compatible with water-based lubricant.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Deep, rumbly and strong. It has 10 vibration modes to enjoy.

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous, given how powerful it is.

USABILITY: Very intuitive. When it arrives, it has around 70% power, allowing you to enjoy your first orgasm or massage with it. A full charge takes 3.5 hours and that will provide you with around 100-120 munites of pleasure, depending on the intensity used. It has 2 buttons: a power button and a vibration mode button to scroll through the 10 vibration modes. The vibrating head feels amazing against the vulva, especially when you increase the friction by rotating the neck.

It is also ideal for self-massage on your neck or your back. Or if you’re lucky, you can get your partner to use it on you.

ORGASM-O-BILITY:  Mega intense! And if you increase the friction at the end of your first orgasm, you might just have another and another and another! OMG!! although I didn’t have dozens of orgasms, the quality of the three or four I enjoyed in succession was top notch. After all, it’s all about quality and not quantity, right?

PROS: Excellent value for money. Multiorgasmic. Versatile. Ergonomic shape. Intuitive controls.

CONS: There is no storage pouch included.


  • Multiple orgasms on tap.
  • Intense clitoral stimulation.
  • Self-massage.
  • Mutual massage with a partner.

For more information about the Sensual Touch Wand Massager from Adam & Eve, visit: www.adamandeve.com

check out my video review below:

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