This sex toy was a game changer for me. I had heard glowing reports of the Satisfyer from many women in the pleasure industry, but I still preferred conventional vibrators. This is because I found that the pressure wave stimulation on my clitoris to be a little too intense for my liking. There was no doubt that it was pleasurable and orgasmic, it’s just that I prefer a more gradual build up in order to reach ecstasy – or so I thought.

I also thought I preferred continuous vibrations to provoke an orgasm. I often found that the wave or pulsating vibration modes were never much use for my demanding clitoris.

But when I discovered Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, I learned that pressure wave clitoral stimulation combined with a pulsating vibration mode could actually be quite wonderful. So much so, that this toy was one of my top, most repeated sex toys of 2018.

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is a boomerang shape sex toy that stimulates the clitoris using pressure waves and vibration. There are 11 levels of intensity of the pressure wave function and 10 vibration modes. There are two motors that can be controlled independently, allowing for many different orgasmic combinations to enjoy.

PACKAGING: It is presented in a no-frills box that also contains a magnetic USB charging cable and a multilingual instructions leaflet.

MATERIAL: Silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can enjoy satisfying moments in the bath or the shower.



USABILITY: Very intuitive. A full charge takes 2 hours and that will provide you with up to 2 hours of pleasure. Now, that’s a lot of orgasms! There are 4 buttons. A power button that activates the pressure wave function, a (plus) and a (minus) to moderate the intensity. Then, there is a wave button to activate the vibration and its 10 settings. The fact that they can be controlled individually means that this toy has many orgasmic possibilities to enjoy. The combination of wave or pulsation like vibrations during a continuous suction sensation on the clitoris feels divine and as the vibration isn’t continuous, this way you can really distinguish between the two types of stimulation.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Incredible! I reminded myself why it was one of my most repeated toy of 2018. I love the combination of vibration and pressure wave clitoral stimulation.

PROS: Independent motors. Excellent value for money. Smooth texture. Waterproof.

CONS: You have to press 2 buttons to switch it off. There is no storage pouch included.


  • Intense clitoral stimulation.
  • Using as a vibrator.
  • Using to suck your nipples during foreplay.

Check out my video for my Sex Toy Laboratory below.

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