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I recently had an interview for a publication in Barcelona. The title for the piece was: ‘I masturbate up to three times a day for work.’ Although I work as a sex toy tester, even I began to think that this standard quantity was a little excessive. So, I decided to do the ‘no fap challenge’ for 48 hours. ‘No fap’ means abstaining from self-pleasuring of course. It has become associated with those individuals who suffer with an addiction to pornography as a masturbation facilitator and who need to detox. I never masturbate with the aid of porn. I’m lucky that way. I just have to close my eyes and imagine a sordid scenario or remember one that I’ve experienced. Either option gives me more than enough inspiration to reach ecstasy. Even so, I began to consider that the frequency of my self-love sessions was perhaps a little too much and I decided it was time to push the pause button.


Si soy muy sincera, esta forma de estimulación me resulta muy agresiva para mi clítoris tímido. Hay muchas mujeres que les encanta este tipo de estimulación, es decir estimular el clítoris sin tocarlo. Para mí, el mero acto de posicionarlo correctamente me resultó muy incómodo por culpa de mi clítoris sensible. Sin embargo, con el SATISFYER PRO PLUS VIBRATION, no noto este problema… a tal punto que no he parado de usarlo desde que lo probé por primera vez la semana pasada. Según mi opinión es la combinación de la succión y la vibración que hace que este sex toy engancha.

Dispone de 11 intensidades de succión y 10 modos de vibración.

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Now that I have discovered the new SATISFYER PRO PLUS VIBRATION, participating in the no fap challenge in the future will be even more difficult. It’s the toy that I used first after finishing the no-fap and it’s really easy to get hooked on it. It’s the first time that I’ve shown so much enthusiasm for a clitoral suction device. Despite the glowing reviews and increasingly enthusiastic reports associated with this type of sex toy, I’ve been a little reluctant when it comes to singing their praises. In my case, I have tended to use them once to enable me to write an honest review before returning them to their packaging for storage. Perhaps I’ve taken them out again to make videos or take photos but never with the express intention of using them again.

If I am being absolutely honest, this form of stimulation can be very aggressive when applied to my shy clitoris. There are many women who love this style of near-contactless stimulation. In my case, the mere practicality of positioning the nozzle correctly has proven very uncomfortable because of my sensitive clitoris. With the SATISFYER PRO PLUS VIBRATION, however, I don’t experience that issue. This is true to such an extent that I’ve not stopped using it since I tried it for the first time last week. In my opinion, it is the ideal combination of suction and vibration that makes this sex toy so addictive.

It has 11 suction intensities and 10 vibration modes.

MATERIAL: ABS and silicone. Very nice to touch. Compatible with water-based lubricant. It’s waterproof so that you can derive intense satisfaction in the bathtub or in the shower.

USABILITY: Very intuitive. It has 4 control buttons. One turns on the suction function. A (+) or a (-) to raise or lower the intensity. It also has a button with a wave symbol that serves to turn on / off and change the modes of vibrations. To stop the toy, it is necessary to turn off both buttons separately. It is very easy to clean; you need simply to remove the silicone head and wash it with soap and warm water. You can replace it directly after drying. The toy’s shape is very ergonomic and it has proven to be very comfortable to hold.

It is very important to position the toy properly if you intend to use it with the suction device. To do this, you must first open the labia minora and place the nozzle directly above the clitoris before starting it. The suction effect stimulates the clitoris and the part of the toy in contact with the body vibrates independently. The twin functions, used together, provide a range of unique sensations that are – in my humble opinion – unprecedented in a sex toy. It is very interesting to rotate the modes of vibration – especially those that are pulsations or waves – to experience the suction effect with or without the vibration.

It has two separate motors that can be controlled individually. This provides numerous possibilities for pleasure. Also, if you do prefer vibration or suction, they can be used independently.


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STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Strong suction, moderate vibration.

NOISE: You can barely hear it. Ideal for demanding women who live in a shared apartment.


I, satisfyer pro plus, pro plus vibration, clitoral stimulation, Clitoral Stimulators, Clitoral Suction Toys, rechargeable sex toys, Satisfyer Sex Toy Reviews, vibrators, venusohara, venus o'hara,

ORGASM-O-BILITY. INCREDIBLE! That’s why it’s been under my pillow for more than a week. I seriously cannot stop using it! My orgasmic screams have been plentiful and uncontrollable. Although I sympathise with the plight of my neighbours, it doesn’t dissuade me from anticipating the next session. In summary: OMG!

Good morning! I’ve just completed a 48 hour no fap challenge. Last week, I was interviewed about my job as a professional sex toy tester and the headline was: “I masturbate up to 3 times a day for work.” It can definitely get addictive, so I wanted to put myself to the test. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to do it. I might try and see if i can last a week at some point… but not this week. In this video, the featured toy is #satisfyerproplusvibration my favourite @satisfyercom product so far. The added vibration feature makes all the difference for me. It’s the first of these toys that I’m actually repeating, with toys like this, no wonder I need to indulge in self-love several times a day. #nofap #nofapchallenge #selflove #sextoytester #sextoysatsunrise #sexfluencer #femaleempowerment #femalepleasure #satisfyer #beach #waves #nofilter #mondaymotivation #morningmotivation #morningroutine #sunrise #dawn #sun

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PROS: Elegant appearance. Smooth texture. 2 independent motors to provide a wide variety of intensely pleasurable possibilities. Comfortable to hold. Very intense orgasms. Silent. Waterproof. Rechargeable via USB.

CONS: Two buttons are required to turn it off. This arrangement isn’t very practical if you get caught in an intimate moment and you need to turn it off suddenly. It is highly addictive.


  • Demanding women,
  • Direct clitoral stimulation,
  • Suction and vibration simultaneously or not. Whatever you want!
  • A gift for a friend.

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