Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation Review

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation Review

I was itching with anticipation as I unboxed The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation. After working my way into the box, I was delighted to discover that it’s black & white silicone body is seemingly modelled on that of a penguin wearing a tuxedo. It had even seen fit to dress up further for the occasion; a red sculpted bow tie was worn proudly around its neck. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin was clearly serious about its intention to provide me with high-end orgasmic delight. As I turned the smooth object in my hand, I could not help but remember my vinyl copy of Madonna’s ‘Dress You Up’ single. Fragments of lyrics played through my head: ‘feel the silky touch of my caresses…let me cover you with velvet kisses…dress you up with my love…all over your body.’

Satisfyer Pro Penguin is by far the most well-dressed sex toy that I have as part of my extensive collection of premium pleasure products. It is the only one that insists on formal attire before enjoying the privilege of stimulating my throbbing, yearning, clitoris.

I am not particularly fond of seeing men dressed up in suits. Ties, in particular, strike me as being symbols of corporate slavery when they are made obligatory in the workplace. The irony is that an office tie can be put to better use as a portable item of bondage paraphernalia. It can be removed from the wearer and used on someone else; as a restraint or as a blindfold.

Bow ties are a little bit different. They embody an acceptance of social protocol at formal events like high-end dinner parties, weddings, and balls. People who wear a bow tie – instead of a long one – always attract my attention. I make exceptions for anyone – or anything – that can make them look good. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin makes a bow tie look simply exceptional. This suction device means business but you do not have to be dressed formally yourself to enjoy it. You just need to get naked, lie back, open your legs and set it the task of making you come.

I tested the original Satisfyer Pro Penguin last year. This updated version is so much better that there is simply no comparison.

So, what has improved?

– Whisper quiet motors,
– Smoother start,
– Lights that are more subdued,
– A speed control with + / – buttons.

The most obvious improvement is in the appearance of the device. It looks far more luxurious and refined than the retail price would suggest. It is extremely good value for money and wonderfully cute.

The reduced noise level is a remarkable improvement. Please refer to the video below for a demonstration and a direct sound comparison. The fitting of the head attachment is much more secure than before. There were problems associated with removing the one on the previous model. I almost lost mine a couple of times. That is no longer an issue.

MATERIAL: Silicone, which is compatible with water-based lubricants.

POWER: Extremely intense.

NOISE LEVEL: A much quieter level of operation than the previous model. I would recommend The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation for women who are looking for a highly discreet toy.
USABILITY: Very intuitive. I did not need to consult the user manual at all. To get the most out of your Satisfyer, it is essential that you position its head attachment in the right place before turning it on. To do so, part your labia minora and place the head over your clitoris. Then, switch the toy on. Keep the device in place throughout the period of stimulation. Switch it off – after stimulation – before removing it from the area.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I felt extremely drowsy after stimulation due to the high intensity of my orgasm. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation is the ultimate cure for insomnia. Although the toy’s new motors are whisper quiet, my scandalous orgasmic moans almost made that fact irrelevant.

PROS: It is significantly quieter than the previous model. Intense sensations. Excellent value for money. Intuitive operation. Perfect entry level suction device. USB rechargeable.

CONS: The flaws found in the previous model (loud operating noise and a small head that can easily be misplaced) have been corrected. I am struggling to think of a legitimate drawback.


– Direct stimulation of the clitoris. 
– Nipple stimulation.
– Women who want to suction device but who are on a limited budget.
– Women who live in a shared apartment.

For more information about the new Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation visit Ella Paradis.

Check out my video review for The Sex Toy Laboratory below.


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