If only all my lovers were this well-dressed for sex!

I’m a big fan of getting dressed up for sex. I remember last summer, I used to go around to my lover’s house wearing the most scandalous and pointless lingerie ever. I’m talking crotchless bodystockings, suspenders, and peek-a-boo bras. Of course, I used to cover up with ‘normal’ clothes on top. As soon as I arrived, my lover would greet me and frisk me and then you would inevitably find whatever it was that I was wearing underneath. He used to tut and shake his head with feigned anger and ask: ‘Are you trying to distract me?’

‘No, of course not,’ I lied before things got really hot.

Another time, he surprised me by cooking for me naked apart from an apron. When I saw his growing erection produce a ‘tent’ effect on the gingham fabric, I knew that dessert would be very promising and it made me even more intrigued and excited about re-discovering what was underneath his ill-fitting apron.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin is dressed formally as opposed to provocatively. Nevertheless, its mission is the same: to provide orgasms and reduce shame. Let me explain. Unfortunately, many people are still ashamed about sex toys and having one that looks cute can make the idea of indulging in self-love more accessible for those who are a little prudish. I believe that a well-dressed clitoral stimulator could be just what many women may need. And of course, even if you have don’t have any qualms about self-pleasuring, it is still highly effective and orgasmic.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin looks like a true gentleman on a mission. And I can assure you that he is successful at what he does: it is a clitoral stimulator that uses pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris without actually touching it. He offers 11 levels of intensity to help you reach ecstasy.

PACKAGING: Satisfyer Pro Penguin is presented in a no-frills box that also contains a magnetic USB charging cable and a multilingual instructions leaflet.

MATERIAL: It is made from body-safe silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricants and it is waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath or in the shower.

NOISE LEVEL: Once in place, it hardly makes any noise.

USABILITY: Positioning is very important for this type of stimulation. It is necessary to spread the labia and place the head over the clitoral gland. Then you can switch it on. You don’t need to move the toy throughout stimulation. The shape isn’t just cute to look at, it is also very ergonomic to hold. The only cause for concern is the silicone head that can be removed for extra precise cleaning. It is no bigger than a silicone ring and one could easily misplace it if you’re not careful. I always recommend switching the toy off before removing it from the area.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Highly effective! This sex toy is a true gentleman and believes that ladies should come first! Many women report fast, intense orgasms with this type of stimulation.

PROS: Orgasmic. Ergonomic. Cute appearance. Excellent value for money. Intuitive.

CONS: There is no storage pouch included. The silicone head is very small, make sure you don’t lose it when cleaning the toy.


  • Women who are a bit squeamish about sex toys.
  • Intense clitoral stimulator.
  • Your first sex toy.
  • Demanding women with limited budgets.

For more information about Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation, visit www.satisfyer.com

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