Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit Review

Giving the gift of orgasms is the finest thing that you can do. I had this notion very much in mind when more than one Satisfyer Pro-G Spot Rabbit was delivered to me. I resolved to give the spare one away to my best friend. She already owned a Satisfyer Pro 2 and she loved using it. I thought a rabbit-shaped version of her existing toy would fit very snugly into her limited collection of pleasure products. With this up-to-the-minute addition, she could indulge herself with dependable internal stimulation when real life might not offer up suitable candidates.

Perhaps it’s hard to believe, but I never masturbate with phallic objects outside of regular toy testing. This isn’t because I’ve got anything against them per se; it’s just that I can be lazy sometimes. It’s a simple fact that I don’t have a real penis to entertain me in my personal life all the time. So, when I do have a phallus to play with, it tends to have an explosive outcome.

I possess literally hundreds of sex toys. So, it goes without saying that I do not have an overwhelming appetite to jump onto new toys at the instant that I receive them. I prefer to wait until I make my test video. This guarantees that I can share my authentic reaction to it on camera and enjoy the sensations that the new device provides. Because of this, I was understandably curious to know my friend’s opinion. She blushed a little when she talked about the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit. It seemed that she had almost passed out after trying it for the first time. It was clear that the toy was very promising indeed. It took no time at all for me to arrange a quiet moment to try it myself. Afterwards, I understood exactly why my friend had had such an intense reaction to it.  

At first glance, the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit looks a lot like any conventional rabbit vibrator. Upon closer inspection, the difference between them becomes clear. The traditional vibrating ‘rabbit ears’ have been replaced with a nozzle that provides stimulation to the clitoris via the effect of suction. This is the key characteristic for all Satisfyer products – powerful stimulation of the clitoris without direct contact from the toy.

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit has 11 suction modes, 10 vibration modes, includes an instruction manual in several languages and comes with a USB cable to charge it.

MATERIAL: ABS and silicone, compatible with water-based lubricant. It’s waterproof, which makes it ideal to enjoy in the bathtub or in the shower.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATIONS: Very powerful, both in terms of the vibration effect and the suction function.

NOISE: Moderate.

USABILITY: It’s very simple to operate, although it is recommended that you position the toy correctly before turning it on. The nozzle needs to be placed precisely to realise the devices full clitoral stimulation potential. To facilitate this, the labia minora need to be opened. Once in place, it is not necessary to move the toy at all during use.

With the most powerful vibration modes, a residual throbbing effect can be detected in the nozzle assembly. It is a very versatile erotic toy. In addition to using it for simultaneous internal/external stimulation, the phallus can – alternatively – be deployed externally to stimulate the clitoris. You can control the two motors individually, providing numerous possibilities for enhanced pleasure.

The two motors must be switched off separately. To do this, simply press the corresponding button for two seconds.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I had a multi-orgasm! Just as I was about to turn off the toy and take it out, I suddenly felt strong, resurgent, orgasmic spasms. This was a real surprise; I can only describe it as a rapid-fire bonus orgasm. It was like an overdose of pleasure. Now I understood why my friend almost fainted away. I stayed perfectly conscious afterwards but I still felt the urgent need to get dressed and go out for an immediate hit of vegan chocolate cake as a well-deserved treat.

PROS: Powerful. Intense orgasms. Waterproof. Versatile: you can use the two motors separately or for dual stimulation. Suitable for internal or external stimulation. Rechargeable via USB. Outstanding quality to price ratio.

CONS: The two motors have to be switched off independently of each other. This makes it impractical you need to stop the stimulation suddenly for any reason.


  • Fans of the rabbit,
  • Dual stimulation: The clitoris and the G-spot can be stimulated at the same time,
  • External stimulation: the phallus can also be used to stimulate the clitoris,
  • Explosive orgasms!

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