To understand the present, it is necessary to reflect on the past and re-evaluate recent history. This is especially true when it comes to The Satisfyer – one of the most revolutionary and orgasmic sex toys produced in recent times.

Today, I’m going to travel back in time and test the very first Satisfyer. Satisfyer 1 Next Generation is a clitoral stimulator that uses pressure waves to stimulate the clitoris without actually touching it. I have tested a great many Satisfyers but not the very first one, until now. Of course, it goes without saying that I’m intrigued to find out how and where it all began.

This particular Satisfyer is battery-operated. I rarely test battery-operated pleasure products these days as USB rechargeable devices have pretty much replaced them. I must confess that I really dont miss having to remove any available batteries from my remote controls, or my wall clock, just to have an orgasm or three. I always had every intention to replace them, and I did. But then I neglected to set the correct the time on the clock. It was inevitable that I ended up having to remove and replace them, time and time again.

Despite these challenges, battery-operated toys do possess some advantages. For example,

they are ideal for sex toy commitment-phobes who might be thinking of buying a sex toy but who aren’t absolutely sure about it. They are an easy recommendation for a first-timer because they are usually a lot more affordable. When the sex toy has proved itself, it can be upgraded further down the line. If you like it too much to part with it, it might be an idea to invest in some rechargable batteries.

Another plus point is that when you run out of power, you can just pop some replacement batteries into the compartment and resume stimulation without any waiting time.

The Satisfyer 1 possesses all of the orgasmic features that the subsequent models do. It offers 11 levels of intensity and has an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to hold. There’s no doubt in my mind that Satisfyer has come (pun intended) a long way since it was introduced to the sex toy market. It remains the case that this was certainly a very fine start.

PACKAGING: No frills packaging that includes a multilingual instructions leaflet. It requires 2 AAA batteries.

MATERIAL: ABS plastic and silicone head. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can enjoy satisfying baths and showers.

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous.

STRENGTH OF MOTOR: It ranges from mild to intense.

USABILITY: Simple controls mean that it is very intuitive to operate. Make sure that you stock up on some AAA batteries because they are not included. I had to remove some from my aircon remote control for the purposes of this test, just like I used to do back in the day, Satisfyer 1 demonstrates similar power to the later, rechargeable, versions. It proved, to my satisfaction, that this toy was orgasmic from the start.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Just as orgasmic as the more recent Satisfyers.  

PROS: Excellent value for money. Precise, pinpoint clitoral stimulation. Intense orgasms.

CONS: It is battery-operated.


  • Women who are curious about this type of stimulation  but who don’t want to buy a rechargeable toy.
  • Stimulating the nipples during foreplay.
  • Your first sex toy.
  • Women with limited budgets and high sexpectations.

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