Review Zumio, a powerful clitoral stimulator

“Who’s the girl on the right? I’m totally in love with her.” The new comment on my Facebook read. I had only just shared a link to an article about the surprising return of The L Word. I was delighted by this news because it was my favourite lesbian-themed TV series. Unfortunately, there were never very many to choose from back then and there still isn’t an abundance now. I remember watching the pilot episode and being immediately hooked on the storylines, the hot cast and the daring sex scenes which seemed so untypical for an American series. I was, coincidentally, making my own lesbian sexual discoveries at the same time. So, for me, The L Word was almost educational.

The girl on the right of the featured photograph was Shane. She remains my favourite character from the series. The comment about it was left by my tickle fetish photographer. I wasted no time in replying with the following: “That’s Shane from the L Word. But I’m in love with her too, I saw her first. I want to tickle her!”

Later on that evening – when I went to bed – I decided to test Zumio, a powerful clitoral stimulator that’s ideal for enjoying pinpoint pleasure. Naturally, I wondered what it would be like to share Zumio with another woman as I revisited my sapphic fantasies. I put Zumio to work on my hungry clitoris and closed my eyes. I imagined soft skin, expert caresses and – of course – the singular sensation of four breasts rubbing together.

All the vibration modes with Zumio are continuous. I love the design which makes it look like a cross between an oven lighter and an electric toothbrush but with a highly exciting antenna.

It comes complete with an attractive drawstring storage bag and a charging cable. Zumio’s multilingual user manual even includes instructions on how to achieve an orgasm in sixty seconds. It is packaged in an elegant presentation box, making it ideal to give as a gift.

MATERIAL:  Silicone and ABS.  Compatible with water-based lubricant.

USABILITY: Zumio is very intuitive. The great thing about the toy is the effectiveness of the antenna. It’s vibration is extremely powerful and you can hardly feel any indication of it from holding the handle. If you like a toy that provides pinpoint stimulation then Zumio would be an amazing choice. If, on the other hand, you prefer indirect stimulation then you can place the antenna flat on the labia instead.

During a second test – with a partner – I discovered that using Zumio on other parts of the body provided numerous opportunities for exquisite and alarming sensations. This was particularly true when it was applied to the sensitive soles of my feet, my armpits and my waist. I can only imagine how explosive it would’ve been if I had been blindfolded and didn’t realise that the excruciating bliss I was experiencing was being provided by Zumio.

The 60-second orgasm technique proved to be a little too intense for me as I usually prefer more indirect stimulation. I like to take the time to enjoy a private fantasy before I explode.

It can take 16 hours to charge the toy fully and that will give you up to 4 hours of pleasure. When charging, the light will flash. A solid light denotes a full charge.



ORGASM-O-BILITY: Intense. As I bit down on my pillow, I was imagining that I was a cast member of the new series of The L Word. I was enjoying a steamy tryst with Shane and then I came.

PROS: Strong, silent and discreet. The handle doesn’t vibrate which is great if you’re concerned about RSI. Versatile. Once fully charged, the pleasure goes on for a long time.

CONS: It takes a long time to fully charge.


  • Direct clitoral stimulation,
  • Fast orgasms,
  • Women looking for a very discreet vibrator,
  • Foreplay, stimulating the nipples and other erogenous zones,
  • Tickling.

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