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Although I don’t usually use lubricant on my own nether regions, it does come in handy sometimes. Literally. This is especially true when masturbating a man.

Lubricants can be used in a variety of ways. The first thing that I look at when assessing the practical value of a given lubricant is its list of ingredients. If it contains glycerin, then you can be quite sure that the product will not be going anywhere near my vulva or my sex toys. That doesn’t mean that I dismiss it completely, however. It will still be useful for hand jobs, foot jobs, or even armpit or tit wanks if I’m in an exotic mood.

As my lubricant collection increased, I couldn’t help but notice that the more ‘high-end’ lubricants made a point of highlighting that they are ‘glycerin free’ on their packaging. One understands that it is not a desirable ingredient to have but I was still curious about the reasons why this might be. After investigating online, I found that there were reputable scientific studies that had found a link between glycerin and vaginal ph imbalance and yeast infections.

There is no way that I could take that risk, especially given my role as a professional sex toy tester. Simply put, my ladyparts are my livelihood. I take any potential occupational hazards very seriously indeed. A couple of years ago I had a ganglion cyst on my right wrist which was bad enough. During that period, I had to hold toys with my left hand. It just wasn’t the same. Luckily for me, the cyst shrank virtually overnight a year and a half ago and it hasn’t come back.

Thankfully, System Jo Organic Lube is a water based lubricant that isn’t just glycerin-free, it offers other attributes that make it stand out from other lubes:

  • Formulated with high grade body safe ingredients
  • 100% USDA certified organic
  • Glycerin and paraben free
  • No added petroleum byproducts
  • Fortified with aloe vera
  • Ultra smooth and slick to the touch
  • Ideal skin moisturiser for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Helps comfort menopausal women
  • Perfect for vaginal dryness
  • Latex, condom, and sex toy friendly
  • Easy to clean and non-staining
  • Never sticky or tacky
  • Can be used by both women and men

Many manufacturers claim to use ‘natural ingredients’, but this lube promises even more than that because it is officially certified as organic.

Another requirement of mine is that the product must be ‘perfume free’. I have to say that having my bits smelling of synthetic strawberry can hardly be empowering. I do not want to mask my natural aroma. I love it and I would prefer that any person I am with appreciates it too. It is important that they would choose it over any artificial fragrances. System Jo Organic Lube smelt good enough to eat, but I thought I probably shouldn’t do so.

To put System Jo Organic Lube to the test, I required the assistance of a friend with benefits in order to carry out a complete and rigorous assessment. The current FWB also works as a freelancer, so meeting up with him in the week, on a given afternoon was never going to be an issue. Interestingly, what qualified as a work-break for him was work for me. But that does not mean that I did not enjoy it. It was amazing.

Our conversation was more formal than usual. It was as if we were taking part in an elaborate RPG, albeit based on the real situation. I arranged the lubes neatly on my bedside cabinet and we got down to testing shortly after. The task at hand was an objective analysis of the attributes offered by the products. After offering him a glass of water – which he declined – we undressed. I opened the lube, squeezed some onto my palm and proceeded to give him a skilful handjob. I did not continue for long as making him come was not the point of the exercise.

System Jo Organic Lube is honey coloured and is fairly long-lasting. We proceeded to work through the external alternatives for sexual stimulation offered by the lubricants. These included a fourth hole foot-job and I even offered him my slicked-up armpit so we could explore that option. That was hilarious as I am extremely ticklish. I was laughing all the time he worked away.

After we had exhausted the obvious alternatives to penetration, it was time to explore that option finally, The fact was, however, that I was so turned on by then that the lube was superfluous. We practised our very own version of the kama sutra for as long as we could stand it. The neighbour who lived above me was project-managing an extensive refurbishment of their apartment at the time. Fortunately, the noise of the workmen’s power tools drowned out the racket caused by my friend’s relentless drilling of me and the symphony of my moans.

The lube had more than proved its worth as a wonderful complement to some advanced foreplay. All in all, the experience proved to be a delicious combination of the organic and the orgasmic.


  • People who are genuinely concerned about natural ingredients.
  • All types of sex
  • Erotic massage
  • Masturbation: either male or female.

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