Review Queen Bee – A next-generation clitoral stimulator from Hot Octopuss

Review Queen Bee – from Hot Octopuss

Often, when I meet other sex bloggers or women in the sex toy business, we invariably discuss the very latest pleasure products and compare our personal preferences and experiences. It seems obvious to me that the factors which determine what makes a good sex toy are entirely subjective.

My preference is for indirect clitoral stimulation. In general, all pinpoint stimulation toys and clitoral suction devices have proven to be a bit much for my delicate – yet highly demanding – clitoris. But, that doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t enjoyed them. They have all given me intense and fast orgasms. I wouldn’t choose any of them as my ‘go to’ sex toy, however. My shy, hidden clitoris prefers not to be disturbed. In addition, I tend to favour a longer build-up to orgasm. In that way, I can enjoy my chosen fantasy to its greatest extent.

Queen Bee is a revolutionary clitoral stimulator that features patented ‘pulse plate’ technology. When I first held Queen Bee in my hand and switched it on, I was intrigued. This is exactly the type of stimulation that my bashful clitoris enjoys the most I thought; it was not as pointy and certainly not as direct.

In fact, its shape reminded me of a hairbrush; the kind that I had used when I was growing up. I would hold it like a microphone and sing into it while listening to pop songs. They were mostly by Madonna, in those formative years when I danced around my bedroom. Now I’m older, I’m still listening to her. But, my private moments are no longer spent singing with hairbrushes in my hand. That said, I knew that Queen Bee would l make me sing, just not to Madonna. I would be producing my own orgasmic hit music instead.

Queen Bee is a revolutionary clitoral stimulator that features patented ‘pulse plate’ technology.

And what does that mean? Well, unlike conventional sex toys, the Queen Bee uses a ‘piston’- type mechanism in order to generate deep and rumbly oscillations.

It has two sides to enjoy. The first one enables you to enjoy a gentle massage. The other – with the patented ‘pulse plate’ – offers stronger, more intense sensations.

It’s Waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower,

Has 6 settings to enjoy,

Is USB rechargeable.


STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Deep, rumbly and powerful vibrations. Not the same as a standard vibrator.

NOISE: Moderate. It’s not suitable to provide late night orgasms if you live with people.

USABILITY: Unfortunately, I couldn’t try it until late at night, almost into the early hours of the following day. I was obliged to go out just after I’d unboxed it knowing that I wouldn’t be back until later. But, I was thinking about it all afternoon regardless. I imagined those deep, rumbly vibrations as a treatment for my Christmas stress and general holiday tensions. I knew some Queen Bee action would relieve me of my anxiety and make me scream. Queen Bee is so simple to use, comfortable to hold and it provides the perfect vulval massage action. I prefer the more ‘intense’ side, the one that I could ‘pulse’ on. I’ve used it several times since my initial experience with it just to get the most out of the wonderful ‘pulse plate’. To do this, I had to open my thighs wider, with the soles of my feet pressed together, lotus-flower style. I’m not sure if this technique is a general recommendation for all vulvas but – in my case – it really did the business. All of a sudden, it felt like an orgasmic launch-pad and I was bouncing on it as I contracted and relaxed my muscles repeatedly.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Deep and satisfying, even though there is no penetration involved. Now that I know how to position myself in order to get the most out of it, I’ll be repeating this one.

PROS: Easy to operate, ergonomic design.

CONS. Not a silent operation. If you prefer direct clitoral stimulation, this is not for you.


  • Indirect clitoral stimulation
  • Massaging other parts of your body,
  • Women looking for new sensations.
  • A Christmas gift.

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* Now available with a 15% discount until Christmas.

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