Review: Play Ball from Adrien Lastic – A New Game for Couples

If you crave penetration with more cms than what your partner has to offer in the trouser department, then Play Ball from Adrien Lastic could be the perfect solution for you. For many, suggesting a penis sleeve might be insulting, but Play Ball, stimulates the end of your vagina, and the A spot, a pleasure point located at the deepest point on the anterior wall of the vagina, above the cervix, a place not all guys can reach.

I tested Play Ball as part of a working weekend. I awoke, on Sunday morning, with the Mediterranean sun shining in my eyes. It did not take me very long to gather my strength for the intense day ahead; I needed to record a video and write two reviews. I wondered whether I would have the energy, and inspiration, to get it all done on time. I chose to start my day with Play Ball. It is a couples toy produced by Adrien Lastic. Although I woke up by myself, after closing my eyes and letting my mind wander, my imagination made sure that I did not feel alone because I had Play Ball with me…

I was very excited about receiving, trying and reviewing a group of new toys from Adrien Lastic. Their packaging was fresh and new, the innovative designs were equipped with strong, silent motors and they were made from a really nice, soft silicone. I had seen Play Ball only once before and that was at Adrien Lastic’s display stand at EroFame, in Hanover, last October. I had been intrigued, at that time, by all the different ways that it could be used. Its unique design was unlike anything I had come across before.

Play Ball is Splashproof and has 10 different vibration modes.

It is presented in an elegant white box which is suitable for storage. It is also absolutely ideal for a gift. It comes supplied with a USB charging cable and a drawstring storage bag. There is a multilingual instruction manual.

MATERIAL: Silicone. Compatible with water based lubricants. Amazingly soft texture.



USABILITY: The main unit, with a control button, straps onto a thigh with velcro fittings. An extra long cord extends from the unit and it has a vibrating ball at the end of it. You can have the ball inserted into the vagina, to stimulate the A spot, during penetration. The A spot is a pleasure point situated at the very end of the vagina.The ball can also be used externally for clitoral stimulation. This was my preferred option as I was on my own when I tested the toy.

The simple fact that you can control the toy from the thigh opens up the possibility of your partner controlling the device for you. The cord is strong and long, allowing for different positions and a wide range of highly pleasurable possibilities.

Later on, I decided to use Play Ball and a dildo simultaneously. This was to assess how Play Ball might work in conjunction with the internal stimulation provided by a real penis. To be honest, it might be a bit too much to use Play Ball internally if your partner is particularly well-endowed. If this is not the case, however, then it is perfect for those who crave a few more centimetres so that they can reach the heights of ecstasy.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Because I replayed a nostalgic fantasy with a past lover while using Play Ball, it did not take me long to come. I could not help but wonder what it would be like to test it out with a partner. I am sure that it will not be very long before I can do just that.

PROS: Versatile and unique. Can be enjoyed on your own or with a partner.

CONS:  It might be too intense if your partner is big.


  • Clitoral stimulation.
  • Using with a partner during penetration.
  • Stimulating your A spot during penetration.
  • Women who crave sex with a well-endowed man but who can’t find one.

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