Playboy– May 2012 “The Things Men Always Ask Me” – column

Barcelona Miniguide– April 2012 “Barcelona Fetish Weekend” – column

El País Semanal – March 2012 “Three way love” – interview

Barcelona Miniguide– Marzo 2012 “Does my bum look big in this?” – columna

QUO– February 2012  “The Infidelity Business” – Interview

Barcelona Miniguide– February 2012  “Long Hair Sex” – column

Barcelona Miniguide– December 2011 “Confessions of a Sex Writer” – column

Barcelona Miniguide– November 2011 “Celebrity Magazine Fetishes” – column

Interviú October 17 2011. Cover and 8 page feature

GQ Spain Octubre 2011. “Tips on how to hide your porn stash”. Column

Barcelona Miniguide– October 2011 “Who are you sleeping with?” – column

GQ Spain September 2011. “Llámame Natasha”. Column

Barcelona Miniguide– September 2011 “Choosing the right bra” – column

GQ Spain July /August 2011 “Como ligar en el avión”. Column

Barcelona Miniguide– July /August 2011 “Food and Sex”  – column

GQ Spain June 2011. “10 cosas de las mujeres de aún ignoras”. Column

Barcelona Miniguide– June 2011 “Online Domination” – column

Barcelona METROPOLITAN– May 2011 Entrevista

GQ Spain May 2011. “Oda a la eyaculación precoz”. Column

Barcelona Miniguide– May 2011 “Barcelona Fetish” – column

GQ Spain April 2011. “Como reconocer a un amante 10”. Column

Barcelona Miniguide– April 2011 “Spring Cleaning” – column

GQ Spain March 2011. “Más allá del gatillazo”. Column

Barcelona Miniguide- March 2011 “Mismatched Underwear” – column

GQ Spain February 2011. “Como ser un buen gigoló”. Column

GQ Spain January 2011. “¿Mi doble vida? ¡Bien, gracias!”. Column

GQ Spain December 2010. “El ritmo de la disciplina inglesa”. Column

Barcelona Miniguide– November 2010 – Interview

GQ Spain November 2010. “Fetichismo para principiantes”. Column

PRIMERA LINEA October 2010 – Página 40-44. Interview “No le pego a nadie pero me río muchísimo”

THE EROTIC REVIEW September 2010 – Page 108. Photo

THE EROTIC REVIEW March 2010 – Page 36. ER Photo Competition.

EDEN – Mayo 2010 Photos of Venus by JokerBcn – photographer of the Month

THE EROTIC REVIEW – March 2009 – Cover and 6 page special: “TILLY’S BACK” .

THE EROTIC REVIEW – articles and images from 2006-2008 inclusive.

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