I absolutely love it when a guy tries to inhale my Venusian aroma just before going down on me.

Unfortunately, we have been taught that our smell is bad. I’m talking about the very direct fish jokes that we had to endure at high school as well as the subliminal messages from advertisements for feminine hygiene products – which are completely unnecessary. Have you ever wondered why you can never find any penis and testicle cleaner at your local supermarket? And if all this wasn’t enough, many lubricants have nasty fake fruit flavours that mask our natural scent. Why would anyone want their ladyparts to smell of synthetic strawberry instead of their natural, sweet and musky nectar?

I never did understand the lubricant world…

As a result of this, many women just can’t relax about their vulvas during an intimate encounter and therefore they are missing out on some vital cunnulinguistic pleasures. Of course, a vulva must be clean and healthy in order to be sniffable. But it must be underlined that one should avoid perfumed products to maintain one’s own natural orgasmic aroma.

Another thing that turns me on during these moments is when a guy is able to maintain an erection as he gets to work on me. Not only does it prove to me that he is genuinely into it, but it also helps me deprogramme all the crap I’ve been taught about my sacred aroma.  In fact, many of my fantasies involve pussy worship and inhaling my essence. I need to cross my legs as I type this.

When I saw this Petting Hippo from Satisfyer Vibes, it reminded me of this particular passion of mine as the nose would be buried deep in my vulva and getting to work on my eager clitoris soon enough. Its shape is perfect for cupping the vulva or for stimulating the entrance of the vagina. It is also ideal for internal, precise and intense G spot stimulation.

PACKAGING: Petting Hippo is presented in a no-frills box that also comes with a magnetic USB charging cable, a multilingual instruction leaflet and some Safety Instructions.

MATERIAL: Petting Hippo is made from silicone and ABS. It is compatible with water-based lubricant. It is waterproof so you can enjoy the hippotastic moments in the bath or the shower.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Deep, rumbly and satisfyingly strong. There are 12 different vibration patterns to enjoy.

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous.

USABILITY: Very intuitive. Thanks to its looped handle, it is very ergonomic to hold. A full charge takes 3.5 hours and that will provide you with approximately 50 minutes of pleasure. The buttons are very intuitive. A power button and 4 circles to increase the intensity and 2 circles to go back to a previous setting.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: OMG!!! Thanks to my detailed fantasies about yoni gazing and pussy worship, Petting Hippo has made me orgasmic on many different occasions. This shape is unusual and I LOVE it. Not only because it’s a nose, but also because it is highly effective.

PROS: Original shape. Strong yet silent. Waterproof. Ergonomic and orgasmic shape. Excellent value for money.

CONS: There is no drawstring storage pouch included.


  • Stimulating the clitoris.
  • Cupping the vulva.
  • Stimulating the entrance of the vagina.
  • Intense, G spot stimulation.

For more information about the Hippo from Satisfyer Vibes, visit www.satisfyer.com

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