Lovely 2.0 Couples Ring – Review

Lovely 2.0 Couples Ring – Review

I would describe my relationship style as one of being a ‘naturally monogamous commitment-phobe’. In other words, if I’m with someone, and I’m happy, I will only want to be with that person. Despite this, I won’t promise my absolute fidelity nor demand theirs in return. To be honest, I want my relationships to be based on mutual desire and respect but not a necessity. I hate obligations, restrictions and future plans. For this reason, the only type of ring that I’m likely to get off on in a relationship is a cock ring.

I would much rather slide a pretty ring down the length of a willing cock than I put a wedding band onto a skinny finger while you make promises that you can never be sure can be kept. With a cock ring this doesn’t happen; so there are no disappointments or dramas. Well, the ring could disappoint, of course, but this is unlikely to happen. Cock rings don’t pretend to embody commitment, trust or dependability; they symbolise pleasure, desire and (hopefully) sheet-gripping orgasms.

Fortunately, the wearing of cock rings has nothing to do with relationship status or ongoing dependability. It is merely a pleasure object that enhances the quality of the erection of the wearer. And it provides vibrations that are dedicated to the clitoris of the female partner during penetration.

When I received this couple’s ring from Our Lovely, I was so excited about sharing the experience with my current squeeze. It just so happens that he’s a commitment-phobe like me and he is also a cock ring virgin. I have tried several others, men and cock rings, but what makes this one stand out (pun intended) is its pleasing shape and the fact that it has an App. Although I am well capable of reaching orgasm during penetration, purely from vaginal stimulation alone, I was looking forward to enjoying clitoral pulsations as well. This would make for a doubly delightful sexperience and be the first App-controlled cock ring that I have ever tried.

It can be controlled manually or, if you prefer, with the assistance of the App which allows you to control the toy remotely. So, you can even take your phone to bed and change the settings on your touchscreen instead of having to reach down. You can also control it remotely and use the toy as a clitoral stimulator. This is ideal for long distance relationships.

The App offers many more possibilities than just controlling the toy. The fun doesn’t stop when you take it off the wearer. For example, it is a tool for couples to get to know each other’s sexual tastes better and the product offers numerous suggestions and tips for you both to enjoy going forward.

The App is free. But, if you are interested in the paid version, you can simply upgrade to access additional features such as the possibility of 24/7 chat with a sex educator and/or various sex-related video courses designed to enhance intimacy with your partner.

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PACKAGING: Our Lovely couple’s ring is presented in a stylish box that also includes the charging dock, cable and multilingual information leaflet.

MATERIAL: Body-safe silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. It is waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower.



USABILITY: Our Lovely is so much more than a sex toy. But, if you want to use it as such, then it is highly intuitive in terms of functionality. If you want to get the most out of it then the App provides many additional possibilities to enhance your personal pleasure.

The shape is highly suitable for pleasuring the clitoris. You can use the flatter side for more indirect stimulation or the more pointy part for more direct clitoral stimulation.  

It was easy to slide onto him and he said it was extremely comfortable to wear. ‘You are corrupting me’ he whispered several times. He had never tried a sex toy until he met me and there have been several couples adult novelties that we have collaborated on recently. He has never complained. The buttons are easy to access during use and the shape feels divine against the clitoris. The only problem with this type of sex toy is that the man instinctively wants to thrust back and forth while the woman needs the constant pressure of the clitoral stimulation in order to reach climax. I told him to keep as still as possible while I applied more pressure on the toy, by pressing it against my clitoris. I used my pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax rhythmically against his hardness to keep up the stimulation for him and myself until I climaxed. Then, he was able to thrust away, in search of his own moment of fleeting ecstasy.

If you want to use it with the App, download it from Apple or Google Play and pair it with the device. It is very intuitive, just follow the instructions on the screen. You should also get your partner to download it too. Then, choose categories appropriate to your preferred sexual style on the ‘desire picker’. You can choose to receive tips with the following categories: oral, BDSM, erotic intelligence, foreplay, threesomes, intimacy, passionate sex, bedroom atmosphere, rough sex. You can also give feedback to your partner after the Our Lovely sessions and much more besides.

Our Lovely can also be used as a clitoral stimulator and is ideal to be used remotely if your partner is away or if you are in a long distance relationship.

couple, Lovely 2.0 Couples Ring, cock ring, clitoral stimulation, venusohara,, Our Lovely ORGASM-O-BILITY: Thanks to its shape and the fact that my partner is very patient. He was able to hold off from thrusting and grind himself against me instead. My orgasm was explosive. Even though I can usually reach climax solely through the vaginal stimulation during penetration, the added bonus of clitoral stimulation got my buttocks to bounce up and down on the bed in an outrageous display of orgasmic bliss.

PROS: Very ergonomic shape. Intuitive design and App. So many ideas to enjoy with your partner. Lots of sex tips to follow. Can enhance your relationship even when you’re not in bed. Professional sexual advice from experts at an excellent price.

CONS: The information leaflet doesn’t explain how it works entirely. Some details such as how much charging time is required and how much run-time is acquired as a result are nowhere to be found.


  • Providing clitoral stimulation during penetration.
  • Couples who wish to spice up their sex lives.
  • Giving you new ideas to explore with your partner.
  • Couples who wish to improve their sex life with the help of professionals.
  • Using as a handheld clitoral stimulator for solo play  
  • Long distance relationships.


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