Ode to the Domestic Gods

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Ode to the Domestic Gods

Ode to the Domestic Gods

In theory, I think that housework chores should be shared out equally between a couple. This isn’t just for the sake of equality but for common sense. Having four hands to put to use means the work is finished in half the time! But, I confess, that this only works for me in theory. In practice, I can’t deny that I prefer the man to take care of almost everything for me.
I’ve always been a domestic disaster; I’m incredibly messy and I hate cleaning. Even when I was younger, I could hardly be bothered to pick up my toys and make my bed every day. I never imagined that I would be expected to do it for someone else when I was older. But, as much as I hate to tidy up my own mess, I acknowledge that it has to be done.
Despite this, for me there’s nothing better than having an authentic domestic god in my house. He’s a man who is tidy, is a good cook and who, above all, finds pleasure from serving a woman. I don’t just want one for the sake of convenience, or to enjoy the benefits of a tidy environment without having to lift a finger or to taste delicious food that I haven’t had to prepare for myself. Just the idea of domestic godliness is something that never fails to seduce me.

A domestic god cleans and cooks meticulously and always with pride. His room is always spotless with the bed already made. In fact, his house is a place where I feel like a queen. But, more important is the fact that he doesn’t feel less of a man when wearing an apron, scrubbing or cooking. And, after a delicious homemade dinner, while I relax on the couch with a glass of wine, he’s in the kitchen washing the dishes (or loading the dishwasher). Often, the domestic gods clean up as they go and it doesn’t take them long, unlike domestic disasters like me. We leave everything to the end and, inevitably, it takes a lot longer.

Developing the skills of a domestic god is not something that happens overnight. For me it’s a sign that a man has been doing just that for years and hasn’t let his mum do it for him. It’s a sign of independence that I find very sexy.

For some men, the desire to be a domestic god goes far beyond mere practicality. In Femdom ( ‘female domination’) there are men who believe that being able to declutter a woman’s environment is a real privilege. It’s often practised by a near-naked man with only an apron on. Sometimes he’s given cheap cleaning products and inferior equipment to use. This ensures that the process of cleaning takes much longer, and requires more effort, than necessary.  Failure to do the work properly may result in receiving punishments from the female dominant .

Although I like a man to take care of vacuuming, washing, ironing, cooking and washing dishes, what matters most is how well he takes care of me.

Translation of ‘Oda a los dioses domésticos‘, published in El Pais.

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