O Venus Sex Toy Review – A clitoral stimulator by Adrien Lastic and Venus O’Hara

Oh my God!
Oh Yes!
O Venus!
After testing hundreds of sex toys, I’ve finally designed one myself in collaboration with Adrien Lastic. I’m so thrilled!
We’ve spent over a year developing the O Venus. I’ve researched the clitoris extensively, especially the distance between the clitoris and the vagina. I’ve also consulted with gynaecologists about the design concept.
It has not been an easy process. I was under a great deal of pressure to test a group of prototypes and give my feedback on them as soon as possible after they were delivered. That meant it was the most important test in my career as a professional sex toy tester. Fortunately, after sweating a lot, I’m delighted to confirm that I’m very happy with the end result.
Originality is very important to me in all facets of my work and creating O Venus was no different. My goal was to design a sex toy whose shape hadn’t existed before.
My inspiration was the famous rabbit vibrator. Over time, I began to use it externally and I found it far more pleasurable than just inserting it. To find out more about its shape, please watch the video below:

O Venus has 10 different vibration settings. It’s USB rechargeable. It has 2 powerful motors – one for the clitoris and the other to stimulate the entrance of the vagina.
o venus web 2
MATERIAL: Silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricants.
USABILITY: I’ve mastered it but I guess, because of its shape, many people will see it and think, ‘how does this work?’ I understand completely but I hope the illustration below clarifies any doubts:
10960 O Venus - Ilustraciones Cnex New-2
It’s also great for stimulating the nipples!
NOISINESS: Moderate.
ORGASM-O-ABILITY: Intense. Oh my God! Oh Yes! O Venus! I hope it’s the same for every woman who tries it.
PROS: Ergonomic shape, smooth, very original, rechargeable by USB, soft texture.
CONS: It’s not a discreet toy.
– Stimulating the clitoris.
– Stimulating the nipples.
– Women who want to try a new way to stimulate the clitoris.
– A gift for a friend.
– Venus O’Hara fans.

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