I’d been dying to do a proper “artistic nude” set for ages and when the chance came, it was the day before I was booked in for an operation on my leg. I thought then that it was now or never.

A nude is a piece of art that takes, as its central idea, the naked human body. The term can be applied to painting, sculpture, photography and a variety of mixed media.

In photography, artnude is a style which makes the naked human body the most important element of a composition. Glamour photography places more emphasis on the model and his or her sexuality and treats the model as the primary subject.
venus o'hara nude
Many photographers consider an artnude photograph to be one that pays close attention to the human body, rather than the person. A photograph of an individual that is meant to be recognized is called a portrait and nude photographs often do not show a face at all.

Artnude photography is generally not a casual snapshot, but a carefully composed image of a person in a still position. Photographers sometimes use extremes of light and dark, oiled skin and/or shadows falling across the body to show texture and structure more clearly.

venus o'hara nude

I had clear ideas about what I wanted to achieve with the shoot but the photographer, uncharacteristically for him, had different ones. As a result, the process took a lot longer than usual. There was a point where I wanted to give up and try again another day but I was determined to give it one last go because the sun was going down fast. I remembered that twilight can play special tricks on the skin that you can’t achieve, photographically, by any other means.

venus o'hara nude

My frustration about the early stages of the shoot stayed with me and I found it hard to concentrate as it progressed because I was getting cold on the sofa with high heels that only kept my feet warm. It was winter when we shot this and I still remember those goosebumps on my skin.

Photography by Guy Moberly

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