As a model, I’d become used to the process of posing for a photographer, having a great many shots taken of me and then waiting for those images to be taken away on a portable drive and sorted through by someone else. When I could see them finally, so a final selection could be made, a week or a fortnight had gone by.

There’s something liberating about taking nude selfies of myself instead. I can have complete control over the creative process, setting and time.  I can see the images at my leisure and, if I didn’t quite get what I wanted, I can take a few minutes out and repeat the process without taking too much time. Once, I had hundreds of pictures taken just to get a handful of ones that I approved of. Now, knowing exactly what I want, the same result can be arrived at with hardly any effort at all.

venus o'hara nude selfie 6

With the sophistication of smartphone technology these days, and the increasingly high-quality of the cameras they contain, it is possible for anyone to be a glamour model. An arousing shot of a provocative pose can be captured in an instant and sent to lovers on whatsapp. A sexy selfie can be posted on Twitter just as quickly.

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When I strip and pose to shoot my “Good Morning” pictures I know that just after, I’ll be putting my hoodie back on again. After posting that days image I wait for the first comments to come in. I’m often amused by the flattery I get for my efforts. Some people think that nude selfies are scandalous but I believe that they can be empowering, just as long as they are not too explicit.

venus o'hara nude selfie

I have my own rules where selfies are concerned. The most important one is that they are taken in the moment and are as natural as possible.

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