I read on a hoodie fetish website that a guy got off by coming in the hood of his girlfriends sweatshirt and then pulling it over her head so the contents would run down her fake-tanned face. If anyone tried to pull that trick on me there would be big trouble.

My first post on the Hoodie fetish struck a cord with kinksters and you can read it HERE

Broadcasters across the globe reported the red-hot trend for hoodies in the U.K. between the 6th and 10th of August 2011. In London and other towns and cities, they became “must loot” items from the broken windows of burning sports shops during unprecedented riots.

Usually summer is hard for a hoodie fetishist like me and I’m always anxious until the sunny days give way to cold ones instead. Then I unpack my autumn/winter collection, stroke the soft fabric of my favourite hoodie – like any fetishist should – and slip it on. At its best a hoodie can be like a second skin – much like latex – and in winter weather it can be impossible to remove.

Girls who wear hoodies look much more huggable than skinny young men in spite of what David Cameron might think. Their bosoms look bigger and firmer underneath.

I thought about that during this photo-shoot. It was obvious which hoodie I would choose to pose topless in before we began. My bubblegum-pink marl one has always been the cutest and most versatile of my collection and it looked perfect in combination with my white skin, nipple-length red hair with its useful fringe and sneaky nip-slip.

Sometimes people wear dark hoodies to blend in with a crowd and look anonymous but not me. My hoodie stretches in every direction and opens up to reveal my nipples.

My hoodie fetish is no longer a secret.

Photos by Andrew O’Hara.


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