My First Time in a Sex Shop

I’ll never forget the first time I set foot in a sex shop. I was a university student and I was looking for a special something to spice up my sex life with my then boyfriend. There was a sex shop very close to campus that everyone knew about, but hardly anyone had actually been to.

I often walked past it on my way to the city centre. The pointless and provocative lingerie on the mannequins in the window display would always catch my attention. I wondered what more there might be behind closed doors. There was absolutely no indication from the street.

One day, my curiosity got the better of me and I convinced my best friend to go there with me. We were giggly and nervous as we approached the big metallic door. Once we pushed it open, we discovered a whole new world.

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It was dark and cosy inside. Although it was much smaller than I expected, it was absolutely full of erotic products. There was a friendly woman at the till who greeted us with a smile and offered her assistance. ‘We’re just looking, thanks,’ I said, and started to check out the erotic offering with my friend.

There was also another shopper there; an older man in his fifties. He pointed to different items from different sections in the shop and he kept asking the woman at the till what it was, and how it was supposed to be used…

She was only too pleased to share her knowledge and provide him with some very explicit and graphic descriptions. Just overhearing the conversation was highly educational for me. As I listened attentively, I was also checking out the lingerie, the vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, costumes and the BDSM section. But then after quite a few descriptions, I did wonder if he was a genuine customer as he seemed to be getting off on what she was saying…

After a good half an hour of browsing, I decided that a cat o’ nine tails flogger would be ideal to surprise my boyfriend. He wanted to experiment with BDSM and I was keen to become his Goddess. I remember that it wasn’t cheap, and I must confess that at the time, I felt incredibly guilty about it, even though it turned me on.

‘Should I really be spending my student loan on BDSM paraphernalia instead of textbooks for European History?’ I asked myself. ‘I can just photocopy someone else’s book,’ I told myself, in order to justify my decision.

It’s only now that I can look back and be sure that I made the right decision and that it was money well spent. That whip ended up being an investment in my sexual and emotional development. My first erotic purchase gave me essential life skills that I have often made the use of. Whereas I can barely remember my European History lessons now.

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The lady must have guessed that I was a novice. When I went to pay, she gave me a crash course on how to use a flogger. I was fascinated by her expertise and so incredibly grateful that I had an extra trick up my sleeve for my next liaison with my boyfriend.

Although I have fond memories of that first experience in a sex shop, I’m thrilled that things have evolved considerably since then as far as erotic shopping is concerned.

These days, the staff are, of course, just as friendly and knowledgeable about the products they sell. But the decor in erotic boutiques is more welcoming and elegant. They also cater to females and couples and it doesn’t seem as though you’re walking into somewhere dodgy. After all, sex is the most natural thing in the world. And of course, the products have improved immensely.

But if you prefer to be extra discreet about your erotic shopping, or if you just don’t have the option of going to one where you live, then thank God for online shopping! Your fantasies are just a couple of mouse clicks away. Buy sex toys & lingerie at Passion Sense

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