Moody – A Vibrator for Men or Women from Fun Factory

If you’re in the mood to stimulate your anus, G-spot or clitoris, Moody is the sex toy for you. It’s ideal for men and women. When I used Moody, I was in the mood to seduce. Like last night, for example. I had Moody in my right hand, while holding my phone in the left. I was sending messages to, I hope, a hot future lover. Although we haven’t said that we like each other, the feeling is pretty obvious all the same.
I’ve got an idea about how to dominate him already, the only question is how long I can wait. While I was writing provocative messages to him on WhatsApp, I had the powerful motor satisfying my urgent demands as I waited for his replies to my messages. I gripped harder onto the silicon toy, wishing it was made of flesh and bone instead.
moody fun factory
Moody is a new vibrator from Fun Factory. It adapts to each situation and mood. Its undulating surface stimulates your erogenous zones. The wide-based toy ensures comfort and safety in any position while stimulating the vagina or anus.
• Rechargeable: environmentally friendly
• Water resistant
• Switches off immediately – Press FUN to play

• 6 vibration intensities and 6 rhythms

• lock for safe transportation
• Battery status indicator
• Suitable for anal stimulation
• Size: 18.8 cm, Ø 4.2 cm
• Designed and manufactured in Germany
MATERIAL: Made with 100% medical grade silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricants.
moody fun factory vibrator
USABILITY: Very easy to use. After insertion, it feels quite wide, making it ideal for those who think size enhances the experience. It can also be used externally to stimulate the clitoris. It fits so well, when used internally, that it can be enjoyed hands-free. Its shape is ideal for stimulating the G-spot or a man’s prostate.
If you share Moody with your partner, use a condom.
POWER: Very powerful-just the way I like it.
NOISE: Moderate, according to a Fun Factory survey.
moody fun factory resena
ORGASM-O-ABILITY: Super strong!!!! I was surprised I was able to come, because I thought my clitoris would need more stimulation. But, to my surprise, when it was fully inserted the wide base reached my clitoris. Mmm
PROS: Very versatile; Moody has many uses. Ergonomic shape. You can share it with your partner. Intuitive. Made from high-quality silicone. Rechargeable via USB.
CONS: I can’t think of any. Moody is amazing!
• Men or women,
• anal or vaginal stimulation,
• People looking for a high quality versatile vibrator.

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