“When a bride looks sexy, the wedding guests get nervous”
Venus O’Hara 2010

Plenty of men are into the bridal fetish. Traditionally, a bride, dressed in white silks and satins, is a visual metaphor for virginity and exclusivity. Her imminent sexual unavailability isn’t the end of the story,though. To some, her new status becomes highly attractive and doesn’t put them off of the hunt at all, quite the opposite in fact. In this set I wanted to portray myself as a kind of bride who permits those men to lust after me and gives license to their desires because I, and they, are aware that there is no groom to watch over me.

Although I felt like a princess when I was dressed-up I understood, quite quickly, that I couldn’t walk very fast while wearing the dress, neither could I sit down easily; my freedom of seductive movement was restricted. Perhaps, I thought, that was the whole point. I don’t like wearing anything that prevents me from flaunting my charms so I began to subvert the dress and its meaning. I didn’t need to clutch a bouquet to pose in it. I found out that I’m more comfortable being provocative and available when I wear white.

Modern bridalwear is much more revealing and adaptable these days. Each new pastel-coloured design emphasises the curve of exposed shoulder and the slimness of bare neck instead of hiding them. I approve totally.

In the members area you will see more images of me as the naughty bride with my hands opening the back of my dress to reveal my naked breasts. If you want to see the type of atypical bridal shots that no wedding magazine would ever dare to print, click HERE

Photography by Daniel Bauer


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