MISS BI from FUN FACTORY is a rabbit vibrator that offers dual stimulation.

People who believe that size matters almost always say that the girth is more important than the length. That’s what went through my mind the first time I saw Miss Bi, a new rabbit vibrator from Fun Factory. I was dying to try it because usually I’m much more demanding about the size of my men than I am about the size of my toys. Miss Bi was short, curvy and displayed a highly promising girth.

MISS BI from FUN FACTORY is a rabbit vibrator that offers dual stimulation. This isn’t just down to its two motors – one for the clitoris and the other located in the shaft to provide vaginal stimulation. But also because they are designed to operate independently. Each motor has its own corresponding button, so the result is a wide variety of combinations to achieve stimulation. Miss Bi is also intelligent. You can store whichever combination you prefer. Its shape is ergonomic and it’s very comfortable to hold. It has a keypad lock feature which is essential if you’re a frequent traveller. After all, who wants their luggage to start buzzing at an inappropriate moment?

The FUN button shuts the toy off immediately. This is extremely useful if you get interrupted or if your phone rings and you have to take the call. It’s USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, made from 100% medical silicone and is manufactured in Germany.

miss bi fun factory

MATERIAL: Silicone, a very soft surface that attracts dust very easily. I would recommend using a condom.

USABILITY: Very easy to use. Just press the FUN button and let the fun begin, literally! There are two buttons, one to control each motor. Although there are many different combinations to enjoy, in my experience with variable vibration settings, there are usually just one or two that are really effective. Those ones tend to be the strongest and most continuous. Rapid pulsations and ‘wave’ effects are nice, but they don’t usually get me off.  At least, that’s what I assumed before using Miss Bi. I chose the clitoral motor with short, rapid pulses and the vaginal motor on a continuous and intense setting.The result: Oh my God!

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Very, very, powerful.

NOISINESS: Nothing too scandalous.

miss bi fun factory venus o'hara

ORGASM-O-ABILITY: For the first time in my career as a sex toy tester, I achieved a truly sheet-gripping orgasm using a vibration setting that wasn’t continuous. I’ve had many subsequent sessions with Miss Bi and she has earned a privileged place in the ‘must-repeat’ section of my sex toy cabinet.

PROS: Very powerful. Two independent motors. Ergonomic shape. USB rechargeable. Intense orgasms. Very versatile. It offers many different combinations. Can also be used externally to stimulate the clitoris.

CONS: Aside from the fact that its surface attracts a lot of dust, I can’t think of anything else. Miss Bi has quickly become one of my favourite rabbit vibrators.

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