The Price of Luxury Orgasms

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Luxury Orgasms

The more money you spend on something, the higher your expectations become. This philosophy can also be applied to the world of luxury sex toys. Usually ‘luxury’, in this context, means that it is rechargeable by USB, is made of a non-porous material such as soft medical-grade silicone, has powerful, yet silent, motors and features organic shapes. That is to say, that the less it looks like a real penis, the better.

In recent years, there has been a boom in luxury sex toys on the market. If we talk about quantity, it is clear that orgasms from luxury sex toys are more attainable and frequent than ever. Many brands are now manufacturing more rechargeable sex toys at more affordable prices.

There is an increased democratisation within the sex toy market. It is unusual then that a leading brand, LELO, has announced a 30% increase in its prices.The owner of an erotic boutique confided in me and admitted that he will find it increasingly difficult to stock their products even though his customers ask for them.

LELO launched a collection of golden sex toys. Prices range from 2,490 euros for a set of jiggle balls and rise to 12,000 euros for a vibrator. With this they seem to be distancing themselves from their growing competition while redefining luxury sex toys.

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Obviously, if someone spends so much money on a sex toy, they are entitled to expect superior orgasms. If for some reason they don’t get what they pay for, returning a sex toy for a refund is not permitted due to reasons of hygiene. Fortunately, in the case of gold toys, there remains the option of taking them into a pawn shop. There, they are used to buying and selling the precious metal by weight, so they won’t mind a bit if its used.

But the question is, does spending more on a toy guarantee better orgasms? The short answer is no. Of course there are attributes that can influence the performance such as the shape, the texture and the intensity of the vibrations. But even more importantly there are other factors that can not be bought. For example, the situation in which you find yourself when using it or a favourite fantasy that you enjoy. In addition, if you use it in company, the look of your partner at a key moment can radically improve stimulation without needing to increase the intensity of the vibrations.

Translation of ‘Orgasmos de lujo’, published in El Pais.

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