I’ve always been a lingerie fetishist – I believe they you can never have enough suspender belts, stockings and, especially, bras.

I love all bras. From push-ups which enhance cleavage, to comfy sports bras and, especially, transparent bras which enhance hard nipples – they’re all important parts of my collection. The right bra can do so much to promote self-confidence and encourage a more eroticised image that it still amazes me that so many women just buy blind and hope for the best.

Panties have developed from their ordinary origins into a variety of specific modern forms that fit almost any professional scenario or erotic opportunity. These styles include Boy shorts, G-strings, thongs, high-waisted, crotchless and retro versions. Panty decorations can now comprise numerous different frills, ribbons and costume jewellery. I’ve always wanted a pair of fitted, latex ones, if I’m honest.

Putting on stockings and a suspender belt takes time and effort to get the right effect. Tights are easy – they can just be put on without any thought needed as to how short a skirt is or if my legs are smoothly shaved or not.

I’ve recently become a fan of vintage lingerie because it feels like a protective suit of fabric armour beneath my outerwear. High waisted panties and a six-strap suspender belt makes me seem glamourous and feminine at the same time as they prevent easy access. An authentic set of retro-underwear leaves a lot to the imagination because it hides a higher percentage of skin.

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The photo – shoot allowed me to play with numerous pairs of underwear, the different effects they have when used together and the unexpected fun that it was to play around as a “panty mermaid” on a sunny balcony. My look was based on the unusually effective way my long, curly, red hair appeared – it looked like I was floating underwater. The addition of glasses made my persona seem even more perverse than usual. My favourite retro bra of all – my blue gingham one – worked incredibly well with my high-waisted, sheer panties. I overlaid a fitted, six – strap retro suspender belt for luck and pushed the persona even further by dragging on panties after panties, mixing thongs, brazilians and boy-shorts. A pair of neat heels finished the vision.

Photos by Guy Moberly

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