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Review Lady Bi from Fun Factory – Discovering the A Spot

‘Higher, mmm oh my God … Yes, there … in circles .. oh, oh, oh!’

These are the instructions I usually give to someone who is stimulating me with their fingers. They need to be guided towards a pleasure point that never fails to make me moan. I’m talking about my A spot. It’s a highly sensitive area in the vagina near the cervix.

Stimulating the A spot is a highly efficient way to achieve orgasm because it doesn’t use much energy, doesn’t take very long and always results in an intense climax. It sounds wonderful, I know, but it’s not all good news. In my case, because of the effectiveness of my A spot, I failed to give my clitoris the time and attention it deserved for years. I believed that women were either clitoral or vaginal when it came to orgasms. I have now discovered, however, that I can reach climax either way, even though achieving a clitoral orgasm, in my case, requires me to put in much more time and effort.

To stimulate the A spot, insert your finger and rotate your wrist. As a result, your fingertip will provide a circular motion to the sensitive area close to the cervix. Effective stimulation is NOT achieved by using an ‘in-out’ thrusting motion.

There are many sex toys designed to stimulate the G-spot but I had never seen any that stimulated the A spot before I discovered Lady Bi from Fun Factory.

MATERIAL: biocompatible medical grade silicone. Matte finish. Compatible with water-based lubricants.

lady bi fun factory packaging


  • Powerful waterproof rabbit vibrator for dual stimulation
  • 6 speeds and 6 patterns
  • 2 independent motors
  • Firm-yet-flexible shaft for perfect comfort during use
  • USB rechargeable – 3 hour charge offers 1 hour of play
USABILITY: Very intuitive. To switch on, press the FUN button to play. I used the other buttons to explore the other vibration settings of both motors. Although I usually prefer continuous vibration, the great thing about this system is that I could have that motor setting for the clitoris and the other motor on the pulsating setting for the vagina. Hmmmm.
NOISE: Nothing outrageous.


fun factory lady bilady bi fun factory

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I felt I was approaching orgasm several times, but I wanted to enjoy the sensation as long as possible before exploding. Thanks to its power and shape, I could not fail!

PROS: very intense orgasms. Two independent motors. Soft texture. Powerful. Rechargeable via USB. Elegant appearance.
CONS: It isn’t cheap.
– Stimulating the A spot and clitoris at the same time.
– Women seeking a very sophisticated rabbit vibrator.
– Using it as a dildo (with vibration turned off) to explore the A spot.
– Women who already have experience with erotic toys. Because if Lady Bi is your first vibrator, it will ruin your experience  with other ones as none of them will meet your high expectations.


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