Ever since I’ve lived in Spain, Interviu magazine has always fascinated me.

Initially, I was confused about what type of magazine it was. After all, it always had a beautiful topless woman on the cover, so it seemed like a top-shelf weekly. Then, when I learnt Spanish and began to understand the sub-titles and side-bars on the front I discovered it was more interested in current affairs and politics than anything else.

Then I realised that it wasn’t just models or wannabe celebrities who posed for the cover. It was just as likely to be high-profile TV presenters, respected actresses and – most recently – royalty who’d be seen topless on it.

In the two years that I’ve dedicated myself to my art, I’ve often wondered what it’d be like to see myself on the cover of Interviu magazine. It seemed like a dream at the start. Then it gradually became an ambition. Now, it’s a reality.

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